About Pranama

Inclusive is the new Exclusive

Pranama means ‘respectful salutation’ or ‘revential bowing’ and we feel honored for this opportunity to serve your soul’s expansion wherever you find yourself on your unique path.

We are here to serve!



We are committed to keeping our prices, paid wages, actions, contributions, everything as transparent as possible.

For pricing go to the section provided for it.

Here you can see other information:

We pay our teachers 650SEK/hour + moms, but we are confident it will be more soon. Our teachers are welcome to practice free in Pranama (if there is space in the class) and invite one guest per the class they are teaching.


Amazing, curious, healthy and happy teachers are the most important part of a yoga studio. We are dedicated to always offer all our teacher trainings, workshops etc. for a very reasonable price or even free for our teachers.

We are dedicated in giving back to the community, and to our world, and will arrange a lot of charity events and fundraising events. Please contact Maija & Inga if you are interested in collaborating with us. 


Our Shalas

Shala is a Sanskrit word meaning, "home, abode".

Our first Shala is called the Moon Shala. Our space is like a beautiful cocoon where you feel safe and inspired to meet yourself and others.

Our second Shala, the Garden Shala, invited to harmany and openess with its rich natural light and a garden of green plants. This shala is located on the street level and is therefore also suitable for people who have difficulties with stairs.


Moon and Garden shalas are situated in our first studio in Skanstull. We have a reception area, shop, lounge with a yoga library, 3 bathrooms, shower, changing room and, of course, the Shalas.

A Yoga Shala is a 'place of yoga' a ' place to BE' . It is a gathering place for students to practice, share, experience and grow together.

Rent Our Shalas


Renting the Garden Shala:


7.00-16.00 – 300 SEK/hour

16.00-21.00 – 350 SEK/hour


Full day 3000 SEK – Saturday 09.00-21.00 and Sunday 9.00-21.00 

Half day 2700 SEK – 5 hours

Renting the Moon Shala:


7.00-16.00 – 350SEK/hour

16.00-21.00 – 400SEK/hour


Full day 3500 SEK – Saturday 09.00-21.00 and Sunday 9.00-21.00 

Half day 3200SEK – 5 hours

Renting the Earth Shala:


7.00-16.00 – 450SEK/hour

16.00-21.00 – 500SEK/hour


Full day 4500 SEK – Saturday 09.00-21.00 and Sunday 9.00-21.00 

Half day 3700SEK – 5 hours


Rental time shall include time for preparation before and cleaning afterwards.

A 60min class requires min 2h rental.

Prices exclude VAT 25%.

The above prices are valid for rentals during 2020.

Please contact us for any further information and booking.