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About Pranama

The Center of The Great Heart


The word Pranama means ‘respectful salutation’ or ‘revential bowing’ and we feel honored for this opportunity to serve your growth and expansion – body, mind & soul – wherever you find yourself on your unique path. The Pranama community includes and welcomes all – this is a home away from home.

We are here to serve and connect from our hearts!

The Shalas

Our Shalas

Shala is a Sanskrit word meaning home & abode. A Yoga Shala is a 'place of yoga' a ' place to BE' . It is a gathering place for students to practice, share, experience and grow together.

Our first Shala is called the Moon Shala. This space is like a beautiful cocoon where you feel safe and inspired to meet yourself and others. It's vibration is like a mothers embrace, lovingly holding space for all experiences and transitions.

Our second Shala, the Garden Shala, invites into harmony, creativity and openness with it's rich, natural light and a garden of green plants. This shala is located on the street level and is therefore also suitable for people who have difficulties with stairs.

Our third Shala, the Earth Shala, is a grounding nature temple with it's warmth, spaciousness and supportive vibe. It holds a strong energy of community and collective growth, making the space perfect to have any group feel like family.

All three of our shalas, Moon + Garden + Earth, are situated in our studio on Södermalm, only a couple of minutes walking distance from Skanstull tunnelbana and Götgatan. We have a reception area, shop, lounge with a yoga library, 4 bathrooms, shower, a unisex changing room and, of course, the community.

Rent Our Shalas

Renting The Shalas

We are open to rent our studio space out whenever we don't use it ourselves. It fits beautifully for yoga classes / workshops / trainings / circles but can also be an amazing space for a different kind of a work meeting, a photoshoot or a support group. We are flexible and will support your vision to the best of our ability. Below you will find the different prices for our shalas, depending on the time of day.


Vi är öppna för att hyra ut vårt studioutrymme när vi inte använder det själva. Salarna passar perfekt för yogaklasser / workshops / utbildningar / cirklar men kan också bli en fantastisk plats för ett annorlunda jobbmöte, fotografering eller en mer intim samtalsstund. Vi är flexibla och stöttar din vision så gott vi kan. Här nedan finner du prislista för alla salar.

Rent Moon Shala

space for 28 mats


7.00-16.00 – 350SEK / hour

16.00-21.00 – 400SEK / hour


Full day / 9.00-21.00 – 3500 SEK

Half day / 5 hours – 3200SEK

Rent Garden Shala

space for 18 mats


7.00-16.00 – 300 SEK / hour

16.00-21.00 – 350 SEK / hour


Full day / 9.00-21.00 – 3000 SEK

Half day / 5 hours – 2700 SEK

Rent Earth Shala

space for 40 mats


7.00-16.00 – 450SEK / hour

16.00-21.00 – 500SEK / hour


Full day / 9.00-21.00 – 4500 SEK

Half day / 5 hours – 3700SEK


Rental time shall include time for preparation before and cleaning afterwards. A 60 minute class requires a minimum of a 2 hour rental.

Prices exclude VAT 25%.

The above prices are valid for rentals during 2021.

Please contact us for any further information and booking.

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