Alexandra Kambler – yoga teacher at Pran

Alexandra Kambler

Alexandra has taught yoga, philosophy and personal development for 20 years. She weaves the ancient teachings with modern every-day psychology and science into the practice creating an organic experience of discovery. 


Through the years she has developed her own style of movement with lingering curiosity and a dancelike flow. Alex seeks to offer a sacred safe space to awaken integrity and empowerment from within.


One might even call it movement poetry as she invites rhythm, sensuality and strength into the movement practice. There is always more to uncover, the unpacking never ends.


Beyond the teachings of yoga, Alex is a writer, speaker and awareness facilitator in the domain of integrity and human development. She unravels different perspectives on communication and empathetic leadership by looking closely and compassionately at behavior and conditionings to create change in individuals and groups.


She is equipped with a masters’ degree in behavioral science and a multitude of yoga teacher trainings over the years. Among the most influential inspirers and teachers that have crossed here path are Julie Martin, Kira Sloan, Erich Schiffmann and Dr. Ravi Ravindra. Alex is also part of the teacher family on


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