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Annika Wincent

Annika's first encounter with yoga happened in the late 90s. In 2005 she did her first Yoga Teacher Training in classical Hatha Yoga in Canada and straight after she opened a small yoga studio in the suburbs of Madrid where she lived at that point. 


As she works as a counselor and a therapist, her classes always invite you into a deeper personal inquiry and growth where the non-dualistic Tantric philosophy mixes with western psychology. Annika's view is that both yoga and therapy has the same misson – to dis-cover and reveal our true selves, to get in touch with our essence and break through our conditionings. An inner experience of the asana or movement is more important than alignment. 


Her passion for dance and and studies in Dance and Movement Therapy creates a fusion of asanas and free movement in her classes. The music is a very important part of her classes as a support and holding of the theme that can be for example working with the inner child, boundaries, defenses and conditioning that keeps us from living our life authentically and fully. 


”The body is the way in to the deepest experience of being alive, so let’s go deeper”


Her teachers are Satu Tuomula, Tara Judelle, Scott Lyons and several others that inspire her. Annika has more the 700 hours of teacher trainings but her home base is Embodied Flow™. 

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