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Join the NEXT ROUND of this "out of the box" Authentic Flow Foundational Yoga / Movement Teacher Training in 2022/2023!


Using tools like yoga asana, pranayama, somatic movement, sharing, philosophy and meditation this training is all about exploring the divine within to find and express your own unique way of sharing yoga and movement.



Welcome to the world of Yoga, Somatics, Classical Tantra, Dance, Free movement, Body-Mind Centering and so much more!


Authentic Flow is an intuitive, embodied and explorative yoga and somatics practice with some or all of these tools included: asana, authentic movement, unique soundscape, mantra, pranayama, touch, creative sequencing, self exploration, Tantrik philosophy and elemental work.


These explorations provide a technology for a deep sense of ease, strength and connectivity in the human form.





Anatomy Introduction + Anatomy Embodied

Yoga Philosophy – History + Timeline, Yoga Sutras, Classical Non-Dual Tantra, Tantrik Cosmology + Practices and more

Energy Anatomy (chakras, nadis, 5 layered self and more)

Embodiment – practices and tools for teaching

Meditation, Pranayama and Mantra

Asana Lab – Basic + Advanced Asana

Embodied & Authentic ways of teaching

Tools for creating magic in facilitation – Use of voice, Use of music, Embodying Your Uniqueness as a Teacher and more

Healing touch + hands on support

Yoga as Business

Practicums, and more



Our Authentic Flow 200h Teacher Training is for everyone! It is for the ones who already know they want to teach yoga and embodied movement and for the ones who wish to deepen their yogic studies and are not yet planning to teach others. Our yoga teacher trainings are first and foremost a journey into the self, into exploring the vast inner landscape. From that place anything is possible.


With a team of loving and experienced teachers, all parts of this training will provide both a structured, safe foundation as well as freedom to dive deep to find your own true voice. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself by learning about your unique strengths and how to harness them to live more authentically and wholeheartedly in your own unprecedented way.


The training is divided into six long weekends (dates TBA), to allow time and space for practice, learning, reflection and integration in between. The final stop on our journey together will be a 4 day weekend retreat for exam classes and teaching. 


Our loving community and studio at Pranama will host this training and open our doors for you to practice and connect inbetween the weekends / parts of the training. You will get a Monthly Membership during the training period which will allow you to join all our weekly classes with our lovely teachers, many of whom have walked the same path you are now embarking on.


The training will be held in Swedish or English, depending on the needs of the participants.

28 900 SEK


The amount of Early Bird spots will be limited and this price will be for a limited amount of time OR until we run out of spots, which might be much sooner.

The Early Bird price will apply when the training is booked and fully paid within 20 days after booking.



A booking fee of 5000 SEK is paid to secure your spot, the rest will be invoiced to be paid within 20 days.




Full training

 Food and accommodation during the final retreat

 All needed material during the training (excluding books)


The price does not include travel arrangements to the final retreat destination. When fully paid the course fee is refundable only with a valid doctors note of a physical or mental inability to participate in the whole training. The course fee is no longer refundable when the course has begun.​ Number of spots are limited as we always keep the group setting intimate.



We have several partial scholarships available for those in difficult financial and/or life situations. We welcome you to reach out to us and tell us your story! We will take your situation in concideration and give these spots away to those who truly need them, as well as wish to share the practices of yoga for the benifit and healing of all. Reach out to us at



The training takes place during six weekend sessions (Friday – Sunday full days) at Pranama – The Center of the Great Heart in Stockholm, and a final four day retreat get-away.




The location for the retreat is in Sweden, a couple of hours away from Stockholm. The exact location for the final retreat will be announced for the group with reservation for changes.




07:30 – 08:30 ~ Holy Trinity Practice (Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation)

08:45 – 11:15 ~ Movement / asana practice

11:30 – 12:30 ~ Talks, theory and sharing

12:30 – 13:30 ~ Lunch

13:30 – 16:30 ~ Theory, talks and Asana Lab

16:30 – 17:30 ~ Embodiment practices


The daily schedule is subject to change as it is altered to meet the needs of the group. On Sundays we will finish a bit earlier as many are traveling.


Upon completion of the training and the certification process you will become a 200h certified Authentic Flow Yoga Teacher. This training is part of a Yoga Alliance 200h certification. 

To be able to register for a 200h Yoga Alliance Certificate through The Authentic Flow Tribe hosting this training, full 200 hours needs to be completed within the school if not a different combination of trainings has been agreed upon on beforehand.



Head Teachers:

Marie Romani

Inna Smirnoff Mannert


Supporting Teacher:

Matilda Meenakshi Wiborn

Guest Teachers:

Hillevi Borga – Anatomy

Fanny Olsson – Philosophy + Embodiment


(ERYT500, senior teacher at Authentic Flow) 


Marie has a background in group training and dance and started teaching also yoga 20 years ago. She has since the first yoga teacher training explored different styles of yoga and training, always with great curiosity and an open mind, continuously wanting to learn more and dive deeper. When finding Authentic and Embodied Flow her entire being screamed Yes ! and a whole new world of intuitive explorations and deeper connection opened up. 


Her passion is to get to know the best of worlds; asana, philosophy, meditation, embodied movement, to integrate intuition and ancient knowledge with modern science and the circumstances we live in today –  Yoga for the modern people.


Marie wants to share her experience of being a compulsive high performer with the pressure to deliver, juggling the family, ego, many interests, and life that happen. How yoga can give you the tools to find the true you, see what is important in life, and how to stay strong yet soft, joyful yet calm and to shine bright in your own power. 


Marie loves creativity, the feeling of working muscles, embodied movement, dance, music, big hearts and to dive deep into herself and the greatness of nature. 


If you can find your full effortless power in warrior

If you can find your softness, playfulness and own rhythm in free movement

If you can find the courage to try a handstand or bakasana

If you can look into your own heart in meditation

If you can be true to yourself on the yoga mat

If you can be curious about your own imperfections

If you can laugh at your own shortcomings

If you can have patience and compassion with yourself

If you can be determined

If you can show yourself love…

Then there is a good chance you can transfer all that knowledge into your daily life and share it with others… share that Glow and make the world a better place…


Marie has studied anatomy, biomechanics and physiology at Bosön. Numerous instructor trainings in Luxemburg and Sweden, numerous immersions and workshops and trainings with among others Satu Tuomela, Scott Lyons, Johanna Andersson, Ulrika Norberg, Cecilia Gustavsson, Magnus Ringberg, Chad Hamrin.



Hillevi has been working clinically as a physiotherapist for many years as well as teaching yoga since 2009 – this beautiful combination gives her a deep knowledge of the body and a unique approach to anatomy, which brings our teacher trainees a level of understanding uniquely tailored to the way anatomy and yoga blends together in movement on our yoga mats. Hillevi is also specialized in OMT – Orthopedic Manual Therapy. With Hillevi, you will dive deep into the realms of the body during our Anatomy Module.

If you have any more questions about this training please contact us at​


We welcome YOU!

will be available!


There will be a limited amount of Early Bird spots. 

Full price will be 34 900 SEK after the Early Bird period ends.

"Where do I even begin? Doing a Yoga Teacher Training with the emphasis on authenticity and embodiment is a homecoming to yourself that goes beyond the mat you practice on and the room you practise in. Dipping my toes in the infinite pool of wisdom with a Basic Authentic Flow training has been a life changing experience, the me who walked in the first weekend transformed and out walked a version of me I am so curious about. Ready to give yourself a challenge and a gift, take a Yoga Teacher Training at Pranama!"

~ Sara Tiala, previous student of Authentic Flow Teacher Training at Pranama

Schedule a personal info-call with one of the teachers

Are you curious about this training? Our teachers – Inna & Marie – are here to help you out personally. If you wish to schedule a personal call to ask any questions or find out more information, just send us an e-mail and we will set it up!



Inna found yoga more then 15 years ago and it created a profound impact, eventually guiding her back, and back again, deeper each time. From that moment on, she knew yoga would be her offering to the world one day, and a bit down the path, she left a flourishing career in journalism and never looked back. 


Following her strong intuition in everything she creates, Inna guides groups and invidividuals through deep and embodied inner journeys. Her colourful nature, feminine energy and healing touch can be found in all her yoga classes and offerings and she is devoted to being of support for the awakening of the unique wisdom of our hearts and bodies. Her path translates also literally in her brand called Woman's Path under which she does healing work, holds women's circles and supports women intuitively. 


The journey of Embodied Flow™ has been a true home coming for Inna, and it changed both her teachings and practice completely. She is now offering a blend of embodied expressions and teaches Authentic Flow & Embodied Yin™ weekly at Pranama as well teaches in Pranamas Embodied Yin™ 200h Teacher Training and Authentic Flow 200h Teacher Training. Above that she also facilitates circles, immersions and retreats.

Inna holds more then 800h and keeps diving back in into the sacred teachings of yoga, movement and connection every time she gets a chance. Inna's main teachers are Satu Tuomela, Tara Judelle & Myra Avedon.



Yoga has been a growing part of Fannys life since she was introduced to pranayama and āsana 16 years ago, and some years ago she gave herself fully to the transformative processes of sādhanā (daily spiritual practice).


As long as she can remember, Fanny have been curious about the nature of reality, and six or seven years ago, when she encountered non-dual tantra, something within her intuitively knew that she had found what she had been looking for. It felt like a homecoming, yet, at the same time, it was a paradigm shift that radically altered her experience of life from one of suffering and separation, to one of gratitude and ever-deepening intimacy. Fanny has a deep love for non-dual tantra and its world-affirming philosophy pervades all her teaching.


As a former biologist, she is also something of a nature devotee (or perhaps it is more accurate to say that her devotion to Nature prompted her studies in biology). Fanny is in awe of the underlying organizing principles of reality that expresses as the intelligence of Nature, and she often draws inspiration both from her biology studies and observation of Nature. 


Fanny is passionate about liberation in this lifetime and love working with people who are ready to question their narratives and be radically honest with themselves. For her yoga is ultimately about awakening to absolute Truth, but not at denial of the relative. To live from wholeness and Being-ness, in reverence of each integrated part - like the wave in touch with its nature as the ocean. With Fanny, you will immerse yourself in classical non-dual tantra and the transformative widsom and practices of it during our Philosophy Module.



Matilda Meenakshi is rooted in a deep love for the Earth and all her beings, which reflects in her sharing of yoga. She has been (and is still) studying a broad variety of energy practices such as shamanism, reiki, classical tantra and ayurveda and holds more than 1000h in yogic practices, as well as has a background in personal training and through that a deep understanding of the body from a functional perspective. Her passion is to weave different cultures together and see meeting points rather than fractions.


Her medicine is aimed to guide towards experiencing the non-duality and union in life through movement, breathwork, sound and the magic of every moment. In her classes you will find some storytelling, some sweat drops on your yoga mat and the beautiful uniqueness of your body!

New dates for 2022/2023 coming soon. Let us know you are interested today!
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