Cacao Ceremony with Matilda Meenakshii at Pranama



Harvest season is here!


The Summer bows down to Autumn and it is time to get cozy and travel inwards, yet to celebrate the fruits of growth in gratitude for what has been reaped this year. We warmly invite you to tune into the steadiness and inner reflection of darker seasons together with us and the loving Spirit of Cacao.


The evening will be colored in heart shared practices of movement, sound and stillness, honoring and celebrating the cycles of nature. All is welcome and all offerings are to be received just as you are ready to receive.



Cacao has been used for thousands of years in the native american cultures in order to awaken creativity, sensuality and spirituality in a subtle yet warm way.


The ceremonial cacao is, unlike the more common chocolate you can buy in a supermarket, made from pure criollo cacao beans, water and a tiny bit of sugar. This makes the taste very different, such as the healing and heart opening effects. It's also very high in iron, magnesium and vitamin B. The cacao we use is organic and comes from an indigenous Kaqchikel Mayan women's collective at the highlands of Western Guatemala. Every bean has been given a sacred prayer and the flavour is feminine, soft and floral. Her name is ”Heart of the Earth”. 

Earth Flow will be the vessel through which we move this evening. It is a meeting of yoga and shamanism, in which we connect to our physical bodies and Spirit through all the layers in between. It holds inspiration from animalistic movements and the shamanic devotion to Earth and it's habitants through exploring the four elements in movement, breathwork and sound. Wear comfortable clothes so you can practice freely and at times intensely!



The evening will round up in a long savasana supported by a shamanic soundscape that brings us deep into our hearts, intuition and subconscious layers of self. This part will be guided by Martin Wallgren – shamanic practitioner, musician and devoted healer. His medicine of sacred sounds brings us into a profound experience beyond mind where you might journey into new realms of you.



Friday, 24th of September




450 SEK




* Please note that deposit and bookings are non-refundable

but you can always pass on your spot to another.




Welcome to all!



Pranama, Matilda Meenakshi & Martin