Gather with us in a Women’s healing circle to journey into your Womb, the seat of your Feminine Essence. She is the abode of Shakti - the primordial feminine.




We need to restore the relationship to our Womb to heal our Feminine bodies, as she is the center of the Feminine.


The Womb's power has been rejected for thousands of years and therefore we have disconnected from her as a spiritual center that enriches a woman’s life with deep healing, feminine power and awakening.


As Women, we often feel that we have lost our inner connection, the trust in ourselves and our body's wise knowledge. The journey to find back the trust in ourselves is through the body. A deeply intimate journey into your sacred self.




You will journey into your body to slow down and embody the softness of the feminine. That’s where we need to go to access the mystical feminine realms where deep bodily wisdom reside, where you can awaken to a side of yourself, so beautiful you might have never imagined possible. 


This is the part of you that is infinitely loving, a deep heart-connected and intimate relationship to every part of yourself, where any pain, shame and wound can be met with love.


The evening consists of three parts

Landing in: Womb Yoga, Womb meditation, breath and sound practices to take you into deep feminine embodiment.

A small tea break with snacks 

Entering the Womb Portal: A Shamanic journey into your Womb where you travel into the hidden, mysterious wisdom of the Womb.




About Jenny Janaki


Jenny has been deeply dedicated to her spiritual path for fifteen years and is known for her ability to hold a loving and safe space that makes women relax and soften into their bodies and connect to their hearts.


She has studied several yoga teacher trainings, Cranio Sacral therapy, Yoga Nidra, Yoga therapy, Yoga for Women and Womb Awakening. For more than a decade she’s been studying traditional Advaita Vedanta with her beloved Guru in Bali, a path that she practices in all levels of life.


At the moment, she is studying Compassionate Inquiry with Dr.Gabor Mate, a psychotherapeutic practice.


Jenny has met a lot of struggles around being a woman which catalysed a deep journey into herself and healing her wounds around being a woman. She believes that it’s possible for every woman to find a home inside that is filled with love, power and nourishment. She is known to have a deep and calming voice that supports women in reaching deep into their inner being, where jewels of healing are waiting to be released.

(You may read more about her work and access free classes here: https://www.afeminineway.com/)




Friday 10th of December




450 SEK






Warmly welcome,

Jenny Janaki & Pranama Community