Being with a baby in the field of Relationship & Developing

  4-hour evening workshop with Kerstina Tresselt




Welcome to Being with a baby in the field of Relationship & Developing - a unique chance to dive deeper into the early developmental patterns and how to support them in infants - with guest teacher Kerstina Tresselt during her visit in Stockholm!




When dealing with babies we mean well but might encourage patterns too early on that don’t support a baby’s inherent development. During this 4 hours workshop we will experience principles of wholistic infant development through the quality of loving presence, witnessing, pausing for baby’s pace, enhancing our qualities of touch, supporting baby-initiated movement and it´s innate movement patterns, deepen our early bonding and continue developing the mutual attachment to each other.


Kerstina will guide through concepts of developmental patterns to include practical examples on how to best support baby's development, such as how to support nursing and digestion afterwards in positioning baby or how to deal with transitioning from an awake to an asleep state or from activity to rest.


We are trying to find individual ways of integrating those principles into our daily life and interactions with our babies to raise children to be our next generation of cooperative, connected, caring human beings.


This evening workshop is about quality time with a baby – for those who are expecting a baby, those who are caring for babies and those who educationally and therapeutically work with babies and their families whether it is with so called normally developing children or children with special needs. 




5th of December


Price: 650 SEK




Kerstina will also be offering private session for those participating in the workshop. To book a private session with Kerstina during 5th-8th October please email




About Kerstina

Kerstina Tresselt, born 1964, studied at the University of Munich (M.A. in German as a foreign language, Spanish and Pedagogy) with decades of experience in pedagogy and body-oriented therapies: Cranial and Visceral Osteopathy (certified by Osteopathie Gesellschaft Deutschland) , Body-Mind Centering® (certified Praciticioner and certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator by the School for Body Mind Centering), trainings in Parietal Osteopathy, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Continuum Movement.


Kerstina is a Somatic movement therapist, Infant developmental movement educator and therapist, “Safe Mentor ® for parents” trained by Prof. Brisch  and a grief counselor trained by M.I.T.  She is working as a licensed “Heilpraktikerin” in Germany and has a private practice together with Myra Avedon in Germany as well as teaching internationally.


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