How can we be with a baby in the field
of relationship and development?


This virtual course of five 1-hour sessions is about quality time with a baby and how we in a wholistic way can support the inherent development of us human beings. Babies of all ages are welcome together with a parent or caregiver.
Newborns and babies are already naturally equipped to develop, learn and pre-verbally communicate. They come into the world with the physical and emotional capacity to relate to self, other and the world - especially if we consciously support them with loving presence and the ability to witness them and listen to them.
We experience principles of wholistic infant development through the quality of loving presence, witnessing, slowing down and pausing for baby’s pace, enhancing our qualities of touch, supporting baby-initiated movement and it´s innate movement patterns, deepen our early bonding and continue developing the mutual attachment to each other.
Throughout this virtual course we will try to find individual ways of integrating those principles into our daily life and interactions with our babies to raise children to be our next generation of cooperative, connected, caring human beings.




5 Wednesdays, 10.00-11.00 CET

23rd of September – 21st of October

Pranama's Virtual Univere Shala (through Zoom)

- a recording of the class will be available 48 hours after the live
session so that any missed material can be watched without baby
690 SEK




About Kerstina
and what to expect from the course:

Kerstina Tresselt has dedicated decades exploring pedagogy and body-oriented therapies.
She is a Somatic movement therapist, Infant developmental movement educator and therapist, “Safe Mentor® for parents” trained by Prof. Brisch and a grief counselor trained by M.I.T.  She is certified in Cranial and Visceral Osteopathy, Infant Developmental Movement Educator by the School for Body Mind Centering, as well as being trained in Parietal Osteopathy, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy and Continuum Movement.
She is working as a licensed “Heilpraktikerin” in Germany and has a private practice together with Myra Avedon in Germany as well as teaching internationally.
During the course Kerstina will guide us through different themes each week. To fully gain from the course it is advised to have the camera on so that the content can follow the real needs and development of the group.
The babies will lead us through what is actually going to happen and each time Kerstina will explain some principles of how being with a baby is facilitating them to find comfort and ease in relation to first physically the ground they are born onto - the earth, to the ones who love them and are with them on this earth, to their own being and then also to others and to the world!
The age of your baby is not as important since the principles of the work are the same and can be applied to any age!
So you are welcome to participate in this class with your baby- whether it is newly born or somewhere in any phase of it´s development that it just gets ready for walking. For the class, it is enriching for everyone to be able see how these principles can be applied to different ages.


Facilitating baby’s daily rhythm of sleeping, being awake, nursing and feeding, eliminating through the balance of flexion and extension and through yielding. We will also explore some tummy time as an important experience from early on for your baby’s development.

Finding comfort and safety through the quality of touch and how this enhances the bonding process between baby and caregiver. We will also explore how moving away - moving towards i.e. with the eyes or with larger body-movements can enhance the bond between baby and caregiver.

Finding comfort and inner strength through coming to midline in different positions like supine, prone and side-lying and how this inner strength can support movement through all kind of different developmental movement patterns that are inherent in every human being.

Finding curiosity and motivation and what this has to do with shifting-weight, rotation and later crossing the midline. We will also explore some gentle rolling and spiralling while safely handling baby and how it can enhance its rolling, creeping, crawling, standing and walking later.


Being able to transition into all different kinds of developmentally- appropriate movements through yielding, pushing, reaching, grasping, pulling. These are all aspects that underlie those movements of flexing and extending, rotating, rolling, creeping, crawling and walking.


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Pranama & Kerstina