Each breath invites us into relationship with life. Inhaling the touch of the outer environment to inner, and exhaling our inner essence to outer, we can remember our belonging, our innate capacity to connect, receive and express, all through the medium of the breath.


In this workshop we will journey to the origins of oxygen and breath, remembering our place as and in the environment. 


Practices include:


~ Moving meditations to embody the origins of the breath

~ Receiving support through the channel of breath

~ Sounding as a continuum of breathing

~ Expanding lung-span to fully engage with life


Tuesday, 2nd of March
19.00-21.30 CET

(Stockholm, Paris, Berlin)

Check your timezone here!


350 SEK



The workshop will be recorded and available for 30 days for those who are signed up for  it beforehand.


The spots are non-refundable, but you can give away your spot to someone if you are unable to come!


The link for the workshop will be sent out in an e-mail a bit before the workshop.



Your facilitator

Kate Middleton is a Somatic Movement Therapist, Embodied Yoga Teacher, Authentic Relating Facilitator and Champion Freediver. 


Kate’s work is centered around supporting others to feel at home and alive in their bodies, relationships and the wild. She weaves the wisdom of the elements into her classes and trainings so that humans might remember their place ‘in the family of things’. 


Kate attributes her dives to 100 meters on a single breath to embodying the elements and receiving wider support through the channel of the breath. It’s these practices that she is excited to bring to you from the depths in this workshop. 



Warmly welcome,
Pranama & Kate