Welcome to a transformative journey

where we dwell in the essence of our hearts!



The cacao spirit is again calling to our hearts!

We´re in the midst of darkness, which makes it a good time to gather up with each other and connect to the light within. Winter is not only dark, cold and about facing your shadow sides. It´s also about connecting to warmth, love and compassion!


Cacao is well known for it's beneficial impact on the sacral and heart chakra. It's said to be an afrodisiac, and has been used for thousands of years in the native american cultures in order to awaken creativity, sensuality and spirituality in a subtle yet warm way.

The ceremonial cacao is, unlike the more common chocolate you can buy in a supermarket, made from pure criollo cacao beans, water and a tiny bit of sugar. This makes the taste very different, such as the healing and heart opening effects. It´s also very high in iron, magnesium and B vitamins.

The cacao we will drink comes from Finca Cuvancúa in the rainforest of El Salvador and I prepare it with ayurvedic spices in ceremonial manners.



The ceremony will also include a Shamanic Flow which is a yoga inspired movement experience. The nature of this flow is somatic and organic movements linked together with breathwork and devotion to Mother Earth and the elements of hers that reside within our bodies.

This time we are being called to focus on the release of old patterns and heaviness that doesn´t serve us for the new year to come. Bring comfortable yoga clothes and your essence! You´re encouraged to move outside both guidelines and your comfort zone with the support from the Cacao and her creative spirit.




There will also be elements of medicine songs, storytelling, smoke smudge and the most important part – YOUR energy!

Don't wait. Because we're waiting for you to join in the circle.
Bring your friends and family, and above all – your heart!

May the medicine be with you! ♥



SATURDAY, 21st of December




350 SEK

* Please note that deposit and bookings are non-refundable,

but you can always pass on your spot to another




Welcom to All!


Pranama & Matilda Meenakshi