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Winter Solstice Cacao Ceremony & Shamani



The shadows embrace us and night reaches it's longest point. We are in the midst of our dark season, and yet we are invited to celebrate the light of unity and rebirth as a new era begins.


When the sun arrives in it's southernmost placement we enter a junction time that not only marks the official beginning of winter, but also a shift in human consciousness. Let us gather and celebrate together with songs, movements and presence!


To our assistance we have the warm spirit of Cacao which supports us in connecting to our hearts – the portal in which sky and earth binds together. An alchemy by which we find our path back to compassion and love.


Guided by this grace we will move into a somatic and yoga inspired exploration of flow dedicated to the four elements.


To voice our intentions, we will chant together in circle. To dream forth our manifestations for the potent time to come, we will dedicate in ritual journalling. To seal it all, we´ll have a soundhealing meditation.




The ceremonial cacao is, unlike the more common chocolate you can buy in a supermarket, made from pure criollo cocoa beans, water and a tiny bit of sugar. This makes the taste very different, such as the healing and heart opening effects. It is also very high in iron, magnesium and B vitamins.


The brew is prepared in sacred manners with spices that supports the intention of our group as well as the season we´re travelling through.


The cacao used for this occation is of extremely high quality. Its completely organic and comes from the Ruk’u’x Ulew women collective in Guatemala, brought home to Sweden by some of my dearest friends.



So come, fam! We are waiting for you to join the

circle of celebration to bring light into the darkness.


You are so very welcome in any emotional and mental state you happen to be in and encouraged to share YOUR unique spirit. (Although please stay home if you have even the slightest symptoms like running nose or a cough.)


Bring a journal, a small offering to the solstice altar (can be some sweets, fruits or a flower), a musical instrument if you have, like a rattle or drum, and above all: Your heart!


May the medicine be with you! ♥




Monday 21st of December



350 SEK


Book your spot:




* Please note that deposit and bookings are non-refundable

but you can always pass on your spot to another.




Welcome to all!



Pranama & Matilda Meenakshi

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