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To be able to book a class you need to have a Membership or a credit/debit card registered in order to Pay-As-You-Go. In our schedule below you will find all of our classes. Login / Register on the right below or in our app Pranama Stockholm.

How do I cancel a class?

You can cancel a booking at latest 3 hours before the class begins. If you have used a credit to book a class, cancelling it in time will give you the credit back. You can do this through our app or through the browser. If you miss to cancel and don't show up to a class, you will get a strike. A total of two strikes locks you out from booking any class for two weeks. You can either wait or pay an amount  of 100 SEK to unlock your booking possibility again. The reason for this system is to ensure we don't have unnecessary empty spots in our classes during the difficult time of the pandemic and a limited amount of open spots in each class. We do not take any cancellations by e-mail or social media, no matter the reason, as it is not possible for us to administrate.

I am on the Waiting List for a class – what happens now?

Due to the current pandemic law, we are forced to have very small groups to ensure that each student has a lot of space. This means that most classes fill upp fast which might put you on the Waiting List. Please still book the class you are interested in as people might cancel last minute and a spot opens up! When a spot opens up, everyone on the Waiting List automatically gets an e-mail and are notified that the open spot can be booked. Be quick and get the spot! We recommend using our app Pranama Stockholm – it is the easiest and smoothest way for all bookings!

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