Embodiment Coaching with Katharina

The body has an inherent wisdom, already available, all-time waiting for us.

This wisdom carries the answers to all our burning questions.


Often we do not know how to access this wisdom. It is something that most of us have simply not learnt. The good news is though that each and every one of us can get in touch with the immense intelligence that lives right here in our bodies. And this is where I am at your service.


Embodiment Coaching helps you to access your body’s own wisdom. So you can find the answers from deep within.


Embodiment Coaching supports you to make space within. We work on releasing holding patterns to inhabit the sanctuary of this vessel without limitation. To be fully who you are – beyond conditioning and incisive experiences that might have shaped you for too long.


Embodiment Coaching offers guidance on the path of embodying the unique individual being you are. Think about it: the one-of-a-kind of You exists only once on this planet – isn’t that magical? I am here to back you up in finding out and stepping into an embodied sense of that magic You.


And last but not least, Embodiment Coaching offers pathways into embodying the spirit we are at the core of our being. In its purity, naturalness and truthfulness.

In a typical embodiment coaching session we identify the questions you have. They can range from anything related to feeling more free, peaceful, at ease, etc. in your body to embodying more of who you are as a spirit or human being. During the session we will explore these questions and their answers with the help of guided meditation, breath work or movement practice. So you exit the session with a felt sense and an intuition-based guidance that will help you on your way on.


You can book individual sessions or sessions in a row. I recommend to book at least 3 sessions to get a stable embodied sense of resolve of the issue or question you want to work with.


If you would like to get to know me first, come and meet me at one of my weekly classes at Pranama. Or reach out for a free get-to-know-each other call of 30 minutes.

Booking & Prices

Book your treatment or ask any questions by writing Katharina at katyoga@protonmail.com


  • Embodiment Coaching, 60 minutes: 890 SEK

  • Embodiment Coaching, 3 x 60 minutes: 2500 SEK

Booked and paid through our booking system here or booked through katyoga@protonmail.com and paid through Swish/Cash upon arrival.

If you need to rebook or cancel your appointment please do so in advance of your treatment and no later than 24 hours before. In case of late cancellation or if you don't show up, the treatment fee will be fully charged.

About Katharina

Katharina is a Yogini at heart, rest & listen to your inner voice ambassador, Yoga Nidra lover, spaceholder, animal spirit pleader and forest worshipper. She is constantly on the lookout on how we can become a more embodied representation of our truest Self in and beyond form. If you can't find her in the forest, she is likely to be guiding people through embodied forms of coaching, Yoga and movement practices or meditation. Katharina teaches weekly yoga classes at Pranama.


Katharina Pilhofer