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with Erin & Erika/Awakening to Source

3rd of June, 18.00-19.30


𓇸 New Moons with Awakening to Source 𓇸


Welcome to a gentle and loving New Moon Ceremony, Monday June 3rd at 6 PM! 


Erin and Erika of Awakening to Source will be holding space for those of you looking to plant some new seeds, guided by the new moon energy. We will be working with intention setting and manifestation for the month ahead, using tools such as writing, storytelling and meditation. 


Since this June new moon is in Gemini, an air sign closely connected to emotions, duality and communication, this ceremony will be focused on healthy boundaries, heart centered interpersonal conversation and staying true to you.



About Erin & Erika

Erin is a certified life coach, energy reader and space holder, working with private clients as well as groups. Since winter of 2019 she is a recurring element at Pranama through her Coaching Circle Sessions on Thursdays. Together with Erika, she is also the founder and co-creator of the popular course Awakening to Source - The Essentials of Lightworking. 


Erika is a tarot reader, soul coach and certified Kundalini yoga teacher, doing weekly tarot readings and IG TV sessions on Instagram as well as private sessions, providing her clients with much appreciated spiritual guidance. Together with Erin, she is also the founder and co-creator of of the popular course Awakening to source - The essentials of lightworking.



Monday June 3rd at 6PM

New Moon in Gemini

Element: Air

Theme: Relationships

Corresponding Tarot card: The Lovers

Workshop outline: Writing exercise, intention setting, sharing (optional), new moon meditation to anchor insights and intentions



350 SEK



Warm Welcome!


Pranama, Erin & Erika

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