Is there really a need to travel, when everything is right HERE?


We’ve created this weekend-retreat for YOU to enjoy
everything that you are, to discover, or re-discover,
your beingness and presense. To feel the delight of this
moment and find yourself a deeper seat within your
body and heart, tasting the drops of the sweetest nectar
of your essence and how it holds the potential
to flow so effortlessly.




We’ll start our weekend together at Pranama with a ceremony on Friday evening to tune into the intention for the days ahead and our collective energy as we open up the vortex of healing. We will then begin Saturday and Sunday with a Holy Trinity practice of Pranayama + Mantra + Meditation which allows us to drop in to the present moment and ease into a movement practice with awareness and inner support.


We will move through a Authentic Flow sequence both days, illuminating layers and aspects of our bodies to bring into the wholeness, connecting the pieces together one by one. You can get a sense of the themes for each day below.


We’ll have plenty of space to contemplate, enjoy the cozy Autumn days and just relax before we meet back in the afternoon for inspirational talks, somatic exploration practices & ecstatic dance sessions. The cherry on top will be an Embodied Yin™ practice to immerse into rest and integration.






Holy Trinity

Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation. We begin by exploring breath work, the most powerful bridge between our nervous system and the present moment. We then move onto working with the healing properties of your own voices, in conjunction with highly potent, ancient words. We finish with a guided meditation to help get out of the monkey mind and into our true essence. We invite you to this threefold practice of the holy trinity.


Authentic Flow

Authentic Flow is an intuitive, embodied and explorative yoga and somatics class with some or all of these tools included: asana, authentic movement, unique soundscape, mantra, pranayama, creative sequencing, self exploration, Tantrik philosophy and elemental work.


Embodied Yin™

Embodied Yin™ Yoga is a gentle integrative practice that creates a sacred space where time expands and slows down for you to catch up to your deepest sense of self. This approach combines a unique blend of yin poses, guided imagery, experiential anatomy, movement meditation, five elements chinese medicine, breathwork, mantra and mind-body medicine practices.






Friday, November 27th


The Flavor of Embodiment + Welcoming Circle Ceremony


Saturday, November 28th

Fluid Vastness


Sunday, November 29th

Earthy Bones






9.00 – Holy Trinity

10.00 – Authentic Flow

11.30 – Lunch & Free Time

14.00 – Afternoon Soul Food

15.00 – Embodied Yin™


We will call it a day a bit before 17.00




Pranama – The Center of The Great Heart


890 SEK

Includes snacks, tea & a gift bag




We are also offering 2 ANANDA-spots with a reduced price of 290 SEK / spot!
These spots are specifically for our BIPOC community as well as those who have an inner longing for these practices, but don't have the means for any reason. Please reach out to if you are interested in one of the spots.






This retreat is suited for EVERYONE, no previous experience needed, yet there will be lots of interesting insights for those who've practiced for a while as well.


There are plenty of places around Pranama to get a delicious, nourishing meal. You are also welcome to bring your own food – we have fridges and microwaves to use.




Come sweetly rest your soul within your body!


Any questions? Please e-mail us to


With love always,

Pranama & Inna + Maija