Dear mamas-to-be, and everyone else interested in movement and yoga during pregnancy!


Embodied MAMA is a yoga/movement form for connecting at a deeper lever with the pregnant body through asana, embodiment practices, meditation, breathing and relaxation practices.


During this 2,5 hour workshop we will dive deeper into embodied practices for the deep listening that is needed to take the best care of oneself when pregnant. As the body changes the tools to connect to ourselves are essential to be able to tune in with each moment.

We'll work with breath as a tool to allow the natural flow of movement. We'll look at how to strengthen and relaxing the pelvic floor as well as finding right abdominal and core support. Finishing with a sweet Yoga Nidra practice for deep relaxation.

Join to learn to practice in the most healing way all through your pregnancy with practices you can take with you home!


Some words from Maija:

I've been practicing yoga for a long time, through different periods and experiences of life. However, nothing is as mindblowing and also changing as a pregnancy. Teaching and practicing embodiment has been a great gift in my own journey towards becoming a parent. With the studies of pregnancy yoga and movement for pregnant woman with Satu Tuomela, and now my first own pregnancy I want to share both my own practice, my knowledge and this journey with you. To support this gift that you have been given. I truly treasure this sacred time and will hold you dearly in it ♥


𓆕 TUESDAY 22.10

𓆕 Price: 390 SEK

Hope you can join me!

From my heart to yours, Maija