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Hello lovelies,


I am most excited to share with you this course for yoga and movement teachers (dance, group fitness etc.) in Stockholm through my studio (with Maija and Inna), Pranama. I am a qualified Embodied Flow™ teacher/mentor/trainer (ERYT500),
the creator/founder of Authentic Flow Tribe, Embodied Yin™ and
the co-creator of Embodied Flow™ Yin.


I draw my skills in supporting my own pregnancies and the pregnancies of others, from somatic modalities like Body-Mind Centering and somatic earthing, Non-dual Shaiva Tantra (not neotantra) and all my other studies with yoga and embodiment.


I’m also a Reiki Master, soon a movement therapist, and a Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) with Yoga Alliance through my school of Authentic Flow, so this can be used for continuing educational hours if you are with Yoga Alliance. This course I have held in various ways since 2017.


I have myself been pregnant three times in my life. First when I was only 20 years old, second time 36/37 yo and third now at 40/41. Believe me when I say that these experiences were VERY different from each other.


The most exciting and maybe surprising thing is that the second and third pregnancies (especially the second) were way easier than the first. I have especially really worked on the postpartum period right now and the practices I teach, and also do, have helped me tremendously at, for example, closing my diastasis recti. In this, yoga asana practice was not the key but something completely else. I have though practiced yoga for more than 20 years. I have been teaching since my early twenties. That would make more than 20 years too.


Hope you can join me!


From my heart to yours,





What will we cover?

𓄲 Learn to lead asana and movement the
most supporting way all through pregnancy

𓄲 Specialities for each trimester

𓄲 Embodied practices for the deep listening that is
needed to take the best care of oneself when pregnant

𓄲 Embodied and experiential Anatomy (especially for this time)

𓄲 Meditation

𓄲 Pranayama

𓄲 Post-natal


For example, we will go through:

𓄲 Feet & Hands

𓄲 Strengthening and relaxing the Pelvic Floor

𓄲 Breathing and abdominals & core Support

𓄲 Shoulders

𓄲 Hip, Leg Stretches, & THE Squats

𓄲 Fixing Pelvis Distortion

𓄲 Safe yin yoga and restorative yoga

𓄲 Very effective and special postpartum care




Embodied Mama Virtual Teacher Training – 25h (with homework)



Friday – Sunday

20th-22nd of November

10.00-12.00 + 14.00-16.00 CET
(Stockholm. Paris, Berlin)


See your timezone here!



Virtually through Zoom and in the comfort of your own space



4190 SEK


Included in the price: 

Course + access to the Authentic Flow Tribe online platform

so that you can return to the content of the

training for 3 months after we finish.  



Space is limited and we'll take only 30 participants!

Certification process to get a certification to TEACH after the course costs an additional 100 EUR and includes creating classes for each of the four trimesters and filming a hybrid class (that works for all trimesters) that will be evaluated.


If you are interested in going through this process in order

to teach Embodied Mama classes – please reach out

to to set it up.




This is a great opportunity for you to have an amazing

training from the comfort of your own space!


Any questions? Reach out to us at

Follow Embodied Mama at @embodiedmama

& Satu at @satuyoga on Instagram!


Warmly welcome!



Pranama & Satu

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