Foundational Embodied Yin Yoga Teacher
Training / Yinyoga lärarutbildning



to the second round of this profound & life changing 200h Teacher Training!

​Embodied Yin™ is where the mystical permeates the mundane. It invites us to explore our multidimensional capacities for healing by listening and sensing with the whole body-mind. It increases awareness of our mind-body connection in each dimension and through different somatic approaches, intuitive movement, classical nondual Tantra, Chinese medicine and Yin yoga, opens up space by helping to release limitations.


In Yin Yoga we create gentle (sometimes more dynamic) long held postures and practices with an attitude of Maitri, loving kindness. The poses stimulate energy flow in meridians, energy channels, restore, rewire and replenish our nervous system.

During these Yang infused times, Yin, and the rebalancing of YinYang dynamics, helps us to stop, reset and respond as we start again.

​Embodied Yin™ är en yogaform där det mystiska och det värdsliga får möta varandra. Det är en praktik som bjuder in till att uforska vår multidimensionella kapacitet till helande genom inlyssnande och inkännade av både kropp och sinne. Den ökar vår medvetenhet och kontakt med varje lager av oss själva genom olika somatiska praktiker och influenser, intuitiv rörelse, klassisk ickedualistisk Tantrisk filosofi, traditionell kinesisk medicin och yin yoga – allt för att öppna upp utrymme och frihet inom oss själva genom att släppa taget om begränsningar.

Denna unika yinyogalärarutbildning hålls på engelska då vi har både internationella lärare och elever, men flera av lärarna pratar svenska och kan stötta med flerspråkig förståelse av materialet under resans gång.

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"For me, Embodied yin is something pretty different from “traditional” yin. Using the principles of Embodied flow, it brings yin yoga to a different level, to pure bliss where I can connect body and mind, were I can dwell in what is and that leaves me with a feeling of being purified, of finding the true sense of myself.”

~ Marie Romani, Stockholm

"The Embodied Yin Teacher Training has been life changing for me. Through the course of training I've received so many valuable insights about myself in such a magical way. Practicing embodiment has not only awakened my inner energies, it has also given me the possibility to dive deeper into who I really am. And along the path it's given me better and more inspiring tools to use as a guide. Apart from embodiment I've also enjoyed to better understand Chinese medicine, anatomy, tantric philosophy and meditation. This teacher training does not only prepare you to facilitate and guide students in and out of asanas, it gives you keys to unlock so much more, almost like keys to a multidimensional world! I truly appreciate it as a student - and hopefully I'll be able to give some of the same experiences as a teacher."

~ Hannah Sjöström, Stockholm

“Through intentions, what is in the room, words, sounds, light and movements we were guided through so many inner landscapes. I sometimes felt like I was in an interactive theater play, the change of  music and light and the shift of energy in the room.“
~ Helen Bloch-Levermore, Denmark

𓆘 Want to become a Yin Yoga teacher of the NOW with deeply rooted understanding of the tradition, non dual Tantra, somatics and Embodied anatomy among others things?

𓆘 Hungry for cutting edge knowledge and embodiment of yourself in movement and stillness and then share it with others?

Embodied Yin™ 200h Teacher Training is for anyone who wants to embark

on a journey towards becoming a yoga teacher/facilitator OR anyone already

teaching yoga/movement/dance etc. but aspire for more tools and a more

embodied ways of facilitating. This training is for anyone wanting to deepen their connection to themselves as well as to the studies of the yogic path, if teaching is not in the books just yet.

This 200-hour level “out of the box” Yin Yoga Teacher Training provides a comprehensive study into the philosophy and methodology of Embodied Yin Yoga.

Topics and practices include asana (Embodied Yin Yoga), use of props and assists, embodied and experiental anatomy, pranayama, mantra, meditation, Chinese medicine and Taoism and the foundations of non-dual Tantrik Philosophy.


More specifically we will dive into:

𓆘 Chinese medicine in relation to Yin Yoga 
(the five Phases/Elements Theory and Meridians)
𓆘 Qigong, Shiatsu, movement therapy
𓆘 Embodied experiential anatomy and energetics
𓆘 Trauma sensitive yoga
𓆘 Taoism and Classical Nondual Tantra (not Neotantra)
𓆘 In-depth study and understanding of the
main yin poses + some unconventional poses
𓆘 Explorations into Embodied Flow™, Body-Mind Centering
and other somatic practices
𓆘 Tools for self-healing
𓆘 The power of Touch – different ways to use props and give some healing assists
𓆘 The power of holding space
𓆘 Authentic teaching
𓆘 Illuminating soundscape
𓆘 Use of voice
𓆘 How to incorporate Yin-attitude and philosophy also into our lives off the mat

With a focus on the process of self-inquiry, self-discovery and transformation, students will deepen their own journey in Yoga, particularly in Embodied Yin yoga, while preparing to lead others on the path with skill and authenticity.

The full training (training days + some independent work) is more then 200h. Training is not limited to teachers, but also others can participate!

All teacher training participants that also finish the homework will get a certificate and can begin teaching Embodied Yin™ and “normal” yin yoga classes.

Certificate can be used for Yoga Alliance registering.



The training takes place during seven weekend sessions (full days) at Pranama – The Center of the Great Heart in Stockholm, and a final four day retreat.


𓁿 15-17 Jan 2021

𓁿 12-14 Feb 2021

𓁿 12-14 March 2021

𓁿 16-18 April 2021 

𓁿 14-16 May 2021

𓁿 11-13 June 2021

𓁿 13-15 August 2021


Final retreat!

𓁿 16-19 September 2021


(The exact location for the final retreat will be announced soon with reservation for changes.)




07:30 – 08:30  Holy Trinity (Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation)

08:45 – 11:15      Morning practice

11:30 – 12:30      Theory, talks, and embodiment practices

12:30 – 13:30     Lunch

13:30 – 16:00     Theory, teachings, and embodiment practices

16:00 – 17:30     Evening practice/lab


* Please note that the daily schedule and curriculum is subject to change depending on the needs of the group



Inna Smirnoff Mannert

Maija Ahola

Satu Tuomela


Guest teachers will be Lina Jarl for the Chinese Medicine in relation to Yin Yoga (the five Phases/Elements Theory and Meridians) and Hillevi Borga for Anatomy.


A B O U T   I N N A

Following her strong intuition in everything she creates Inga’s path is crystal clear. She found yoga many years ago, and it created a profound impact eventually guiding her back, and back again, deeper each time.


From that moment on, she knew yoga would be her offering to the world one day, and a bit down the path, she left a flourishing career in journalism and never looked back. She holds more then 600H and keeps diving back in into the sacred teachings of yoga, movement and connection every time she gets a chance.


Her colourful nature, feminine energy and healing touch can be found in all her yoga classes and offerings. Her path translates also literally in her brand called The Crystal Clear Path under which she creates yoga jewellery and sacred art and gives support through Reiki and intuitive guidance.


The journey of Embodied Flow™ has been a true home coming for Inga, and it changed both her teachings and practice completely. She is now offering a blend of embodied expressions and teaches Chakra Yoga, Embodied Yin™, Slow Flow & Authentic Flow at Pranama and facilitates women circles, teacher trainings, immersions and workshops around Sweden.


A B O U T   M A I J A

With a burning heart for exploring movement, the mind, and everything in between Maija’s path took her finally after many years of practicing yoga into, something unavoidable, a full-time teacher and studio owner.


With roots in classical hatha tradition Maija found her way into embodiment with Embodied Flow™ and Authentic Flow Tribe. She has over 500 RYT training hours, her greatest inspiration coming from her teachers Satu Tuomela, Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons. Her practice and teachings are highly influenced by a tantric view and the search for an embodied experience and connection to ourselves. Her classes are usually slow to allow you to fully be in the flow of the moment with the entire body and mind. She has also been influenced by a cross discipline of yoga, dance and freediving with a love of the water element. She has been teaching yoga since 2014.


With trust in her own transformational path she transmits her calm to her students guiding into their own experience and authentic expression. She teaches weekly classes, workshops, immersions and trainings in Embodied Yin™ and Authentic Flow.


A B O U T   S A T U

Satu has been teaching almost 20 years and is known for her very unique, otherworldly and authentic transmission. Borrowing the words of one of her students: " Satu`s classes leave you with "what the hell just happened?". Its beyond yoga, its a LIFE a LOVE a REALIZATION class”.


She is an experienced yoga teacher (ERYT500) with more than 10000 teaching hours under her belt, Embodied Flow™ senior teacher, a teacher training facilitator since 8 years, Creator of Embodied Yin™ and Co-creator of Embodied Flow™ Yin program and a Reiki Master, soon to be a movement therapist.


Satu charms with her intuitive, all seeing, facilitation and a big love for classical tantrik teachings, Shamanic roots and goddess vibe. Her exquisite use of music, harmonium playing, singing, humor, loving adjustments, Reiki and clear understanding of human body and how everybody is unique, is well known around the world.


Satu has a background in dancing (ballet) and basketball. She fell in love with yoga in her teens and started teaching almost immediately. Satu has studied two different 200h trainings in vinyasa flow and Hatha, she is immersed in Anusara yoga, continued also with two advanced trainings (300h), the latest with her main, and very loved, pioneering teachers Scott Lyons and Tara Judelle, And has studied and taught yin yoga since 2007.


Satu used to study with Tiffany Cruikshank and has also participated in the offerings of Elena Brower. She is grateful for the amazing knowledge of foundational anatomy that Tiffany taught her and the courage to face her fears and "kicks in the butt" that Elena offered so generously.


Satu has had the privilege to teach and offer workshops, retreats, trainings and classes around the world from Hawaii to Bali. She mainly teaches in Europe and is based in Ericeira, Portugal.


Satu’s current main teachers are Sally Kempton and Christopher Wallis ( nondual Tantra and meditation) and, of course, Tara and Scott.



Full Price: 34 000 SEK 

A non-refundable booking fee of 6 000 SEK is paid at the time of booking.
The rest of 28 000 SEK will be invoiced to be paid before the

start of the training. It's possible to pay in installments – reach out to us at hello@pranama.yoga to set up a payment plan.



𓁿 Full training

𓁿 Monthly Membership at Pranama during the training

𓁿 Food and accommodation during the final retreat

𓁿 Material (excluding books)


The price does not include flights and other travel arrangements to the final retreat destination.


When fully paid the course fee is refundable only with a valid doctors note of a physical or mental inability to participate in the whole training. The course fee is no longer refundable when the course has begun.

Number of spots are limited!




We have several partial scholarships available for those in difficult financial/life situations. We welcome you to reach out to us and tell us your story! We will take your situation in concideration and give these spots away to those who truly need them, as well as long to share the practices of yoga for the benifit and healing of all.

Still having unanswered questions?

Set up a personal info-call with one of the teachers

Our teachers – Inna & Maija – are here to help you out personally.

If you wish to schedule a personal call to ask any questions or find out more information, just send us an e-mail and we will set it up!