Welcome to a deep-diving Embodied Yin™ Masterclass with Inga & Maija!

...stay for tea & snacks along with an Info Meeting about our upcoming
Embodied Yin™ 200h Teacher Training afterwards!


Embodied Yin™ invites us to explore our multidimensional capacities for healing by listening and sensing with the whole body-mind. It is a gentle, integrative practice that creates a sacred space where time expands and slows down, allowing you to find your deepest sense of self.

This approach combines a unique blend of yin poses, guided imagery, experiential anatomy, movement meditation, five elements of Chinese Medicine, breath work, mantra and mind-body medicine practices.

In this Masterclass we will dive deeper into a grounding exploration of the Earth-element as we find ourselves in the end of summer – the time of the year ruled by Earth according to Chinese Medicine. This is a time of change, of embarking on new journeys, and of reaping what we've previously sowed.

This class is for ALL levels and no previous experience is needed. We promise to bring you nourishment and support, wherever you are on your journey!

After the masterclass you are welcome to stay for some tea and snacks and join a relaxed info meeting about our upcoming Embodied Yin™ 200h Teacher Training starting this fall.


Saturday, 22nd of August
Masterclass: 16.00 - 18.00
Price for all: 290 SEK
Price monthly/yearly members: 250 SEK
Book your spot: https://bit.ly/2ZGONcs

Info meeting: 18.00 - approx. 18.30

No other booking requiered and to stay is optional!


Read more about our Embodied Yin™ 200h Teacher Training starting in
October here: https://www.pranama.yoga/embodied-yin-200h

This training is unlike anything else in the market so we fill up quickly! This is for yoga teachers hoping to gain more knowledge in yin yoga (also for continuing education for Yoga Alliance) but also for all yogis wanting to deepen their practice.

Warm Welcome!

Pranama, Inga & Maija