Eva Lindblad

Yoga has been part of Eva’s life since she was 17, but it wasn't until yoga saved her life that yoga went from being a hobby to being a lifestyle. For Eva, yoga is far from a physical exercise. It’s therapy, it’s a safe haven where you’re allowed to be whatever you are, to breathe, feel and truly focus on being rather than doing. In a world of constant pressure of performing beyond human capacities, Eva’s yoga is an antidote: a safe place where we never have to feel that we are not good enough. 


Eva’s classes focus on physical sensations, breath and presence and on learning how to listen to the signals that your body is sending you. The classes are flowy, gracious and at times challenging, yet giving you the space to never push yourself more than your body wants you to. They aim for connection through disconnecting with the outside world. Since Eva has a deep conviction that we are utterly perfect in our imperfections, the classes are never about changing or perfecting, but about acceptance and love. They’re for you to find deep self love.