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Fanny Olsson – yoga teacher at Pranama -

Fanny Olsson

Yoga has been a growing part of Fanny's life for 14 years, and she has been a teacher for five years.


She has a keen interest in the transformative processes of awareness, and her passion in teaching is to fascilitate people towards an ever freer experience, both in the body, and in life as a whole. As a former medical biologist, Fanny is something of "body nerd"; though, today, her primarily focus is to know the body through the felt sense of the various layers and systems - something that she shares in her classes.


With her deep love for Kashmir Shaivism and it's non-dualistic worldview, she also often weaves philosophy and tantric practices into her teaching, in an easily accessible manner.


Fanny teaches Authentic Flow classes, as well as Embodied Yin™ and Restorative. She has studied with among others Anja Bergh, Satu Tuomela and Tova Olsson (philosophy), and been to various workshops with for example Christopher Hareesh Wallis, Tara Judelle, Sianna Sherman, and Ateeka.

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