Fia Garvner Agoo

For Fia, yoga is a journey inwards, to the depths of the soul where healing and transformation can take place – a journey to a place where we can let go of anything to become one with everything. Jivamukti Yoga is a road to this place through humbleness and compassion towards all living beings. Join Fia on this journey to the depth of your soul in connection with others. Jiva, the individual soul, is waiting for you.


Fia is a certified 300H Jivamukti Yoga teacher with a special place in her heart for charity work. Along with teaching yoga in studios, she also shares her passion by teaching at organisations like Non-Violence Run and Djurens Rätt as well as teaching while traveling the world together with her husband, as they are engaged in a photoart project in co-creation with children around the world for the artproject and charity organisation ABC Charity.