A weekend of interactive, live-streamed philosophy lectures

for yoga practitioners and teachers interested in Classical Tantra


The thousand-year-old Classical Tantrik school of thought promotes engaging with our world, and hence your body and your life, rather than seeing it as something to transcend or renounce. Designed instead for the ‘householder’, this radically life-centric philosophy has inspired many practitioners such as Satu Tuomela, Christopher Wallis, Sally Kempton, the school of Embodied Flow, and various friends at Pranama.


This weekend, Mike will be holding interactive lectures to introduce the foundational philosophical principles behind this way of thinking and its non-dual cosmology.


Saturday + Sunday
27th + 28th of June
10.00-12.00 + 14.30-16.00 both days
Full Price: 800 SEK



Mike believes yoga philosophy classes should be entertaining, applicable and understandable, and has made it his mission to empower students with a greater depth of understanding behind their practices and offerings.


Mike typically lectures as part of 200hr and advanced yoga teacher trainings, teaching with a light-hearted and approachable style, and always attempting to make the complexities of yoga traditions more easy to grasp.


Originally from the UK, he gained a bachelor degree in Western Philosophy, and has been based in Copenhagen for the last 8 years, recently studying Hinduism, Yoga and Sanskrit with Oxford University, and with Seth Powell of Harvard University.


Mike is particularly interested in Non-Dual Shaivism, and has worked closely with Satu Tuomela, himself as a teacher and student. He has recently moved to Ericeira, Portugal with his wife, Helene, and two large cats.

You can read more about Mike Bloch-Levermore at www.interactivephilosophy.com
or follow @allthosemomentswillbelost on Instagram.


Warm welcome!

Pranama & Mike