The She Book _ Tanya Markul
Eighty Two _ The She Book _ Tanya Markul

A Unique Full Day Workshop led by

Tanya Markul, author of The She Book




Ready to flip the bird to your fear?

Want to throw a few cuss words at your pain?

Aching to step into your power by using one of your

most powerful instruments – your words?


Join us for a full-day workshop of asana, meditation, breath work,

creative expression, poetic profanity and an unexpected ending.




You can expect a morning of physical movement followed by an afternoon of unconventional creative exercises, sharing and writing the ultimate f*ck you letter.


The intention of this workshop is to help free emotional pain, ignite your sense

of lightness and remove inner obstacles. This is an invitation to claim your

alchemical superpowers – to turn pain into soul, beauty and purpose.


This workshop is suitable for all. No prior yoga, meditation or writing

experience is necessary. Bring a journal and something to write with.




Saturday, June 6th

10.00-18.00, with a short break for lunch

Investment: 990 SEK

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This workshop is non-refundable.




About your facilitator: T A N Y A   M A R K U L

Tanya Markul started writing when she was six years old. She used to

scribble lines on top of lines and called it ‘poetry’. Early in life she discovered

emotional pain to be a sustainable resource for her work – and hasn’t stopped

writing since. Her themes explore heartache, loss, abandonment, rejection

and mental health. In her words, she writes for the ‘rejected ones’ and to

‘revolutionise pain’. Her quotes, stories, poems and prose have touched

readers around the world. She hopes to be a source of inspiration

and empowerment for years to come.


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We are so looking forward to this healing day together!



Pranama & Tanya