Inna Smirnoff Mannert

Following her strong intuition in everything she creates Inna’s path is crystal clear. She found yoga many years ago, and it created a profound impact eventually guiding her back, and back again, deeper each time.

From that moment on, she knew yoga would be her offering to the world one day, and a bit down the path, she left a flourishing career in journalism and never looked back. She holds more then 600H and keeps diving back in into the sacred teachings of yoga, movement and connection every time she gets a chance.

Her colourful nature, feminine energy and healing touch can be found in all her yoga classes and offerings. Her path translates also literally in her brand called Woman's Path under which she does healing work, hold circles and supports women intuitively. 

The journey of Embodied Flow™ has been a true home coming for Inna, and it changed both her teachings and practice completely. She is now offering a blend of embodied expressions and teaches Authentic Flow & Embodied Yin™ weekly at Pranama as well facilitates teacher trainings, womens circles, immersions and workshops.

Inna's main teachers are Satu Tuomela, Tara Judelle & Myra Avedon and she keeps diving back into the practice often and deep.


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