Welcome to an Intro to Yoga

Summer Course with Robbie!


This 8 week course will bring you both a technical and an experiential understanding of the basics of Yoga such as breath + breathing techniques, basic postures + connection of breath to movement, insight into yoga philosophy and world view, support to find your own expression in movement on and off the yoga mat – and much more!

This course is for you if you…

…never tried yoga before or tried a couple of times

…tried many times and want the basics laid out for you in a clear way

…are curious about what this Yoga thing is

…are interested in diving deeper into all parts of a Yoga practice – it's not just about the physical poses

…are curious about how Yoga on the mat could support other areas of your life "off the mat"

…want to find a routine for your practice under guidance of a supportive teacher

…want to spend time with like-minded people and have a longing for a community


We are very excited for this 8 week course to take place at Pranama during the Summer – it is a lovely time to dive in into something, to explore yourself, to turn the volume up on the inner world when the hustle and bustle of the big city quites down. 

This time will be completely for you! Under the guidance of a supportive and devoted teacher you will find in Robbie, you will be led through movement, breath and connection inwards in a way that is gentle, knowledgeable and easy to understand. 

As the weeks go, you will build upon the knowledge and experience from the previous sessions, which allows for integration and a deepened understanding of all parts of the course.

During these 8 weeks you will explore:

~ Asana (postures)

~ Pranayama (breathing techniques)

~ Mantra (singing) & Meditation

~ Breath connected to movement

~ Variations of Sun Salutations

~ What props are and how to use them to support yourself

~ Alignment and the difference between inner and outer alignment

~ How you can support your unique body in a yoga setting (and beyond)

~ How a movement or a posture feels rather then how it looks (or "should" look)

~ Different paces and styles of yoga

~ An embodied way of practicing

~ The benifits of all parts of yoga

and much more…





Mondays, 17.30-18.45
21st of June – 16th of August
(8 sessions in total, no class July 5th)
Onsite at Pranama, Ringvägen 126



1490 SEK



We have a limited amount of spots for this course as we keep following the restrictions.

Make sure to book your spot as soon as possible to make sure to get one!

If you miss any of the sessions, you'll be able to take a class on our weekly schedule instead. 



Who is your teacher?


Robbie – an Aussie currently residing in Sweden – is an educated yoga instructor with a Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Yoga Studies and multiple Yoga Teacher Training certifications in various yoga styles. His passion, if not his purpose, is to help others discover themselves through the gift of yoga.



Warmly welcome to spend the Summer with us at Pranama!



Pranama & Robbie