Katonah Yoga Workshops

with with Elisa Kuuttila

17th of January, 18.00-20.00 + 18th of January, 11.30-13.30

Katonah Yoga Workshops 𓂗 with Elisa Kuuttila




Curious about what Katonah Yoga is? Then this is a Workshop for you! Elisa Kuuttila is coming to Pranama from Helsinki to share this supportive practice.




FRIDAY, 17.1



~ Re-organize and Re-charge – Katonah Yoga Workshop ~


Restore and balance your nervous system and body alignment with minimal movement, deep relaxation with full prop support. This is a perfect way to end a stressful week and rejuvenate for the weekend!


Working on the mat becomes more than just doing poses.


It becomes a place for us to address the patterns in our lives via the patterns in our bodies. We can change a pattern only by being conscious of it. And the insight comes through conscious repetition. The longer you stay in a pose, the more information you get and eventually the more joy you get.


To repeat a pose in yoga refining it each time, is to build new habits, so as to install new and improved patterns into our physical and psychological lives.


Katonah Yoga theory gives us unique ways to align the body in asanas, using the body’s own measurements and geometry. Adjustments open up new paths to understanding and experiencing Katonah yoga helps you to learn how to align your asana, making your own practice more stable. We will focus on using different props in the practice.


Bolsters, blankets, blocks, quick-release belts and balls will all be used in new ways, combining what you already know with the new material to make the practice your own.







~ Experience Katonah Yoga – Workshop ~


We practice yoga to broaden the mind and develop the imagination.


Consider the body as a house – the mind is the body’s occupant, that implicit, but most powerful, aspect of self. The practice is a dialogue between mind and body, mediated by the breath; one’s internal atmosphere and the cosmic material that it receives, contains and uses.


We practice yoga to alter our psychology by reorganizing our physiology.

Yoga engages our body in a physical debate between forms that are personal, habitual, and largely unconscious, and forms that are archetypal, measured, and conscious.


By reforming our body’s unconscious habits and introducing more informed and efficient patterns, yoga becomes origami for the body. As we fold and unfold, we develop a dimension rather than engaging in the binary struggle between tight and loose. In this way we set up conditions for greater self-knowledge and a more expansive vision, which leads to personal change.





One workshop: 350 SEK

Both workshops: 600 SEK


FRIDAY, 17.1














Elisa is a multifaceted yoga teacher, who runs Pranama Kallio,

a “pay what you can” yoga studio in Helsinki.


She is Finland’s first certified Katonah yoga™ teacher, as well as a pioneer in SUP and Aerial yoga. In her teaching she varies and analyzes asana, as well as assists and challenges her students to reach more open, strong and advanced poses.


Different kinds of props and their creative use in practice play a big role in both her private and open classes. Elisa wants to enable her students to find tools to facilitate their well-being and to transfer the benefits and insights from their practice to everyday life.


”Yoga should be so informative that it becomes transformative.”



Instagram: elisakuuttilayoga







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