M A L A    W O R K S H O P 



Finally, I can open up the in-person space again to meet

and create together, HOW WONDERFUL!


Welcome to join the circle of creation! This is a wonderful space to ignite your inner fire and put your intentions into manifestation. This workshop is a unique, creative experience where we tap in to our healing powers and create freely from that intuitive & loving space.


This is one of my most sacred and special offerings – it truly has the ability to bring out the wisdom within each one of us and guide us towards our highest best! A unique journey of co-creation between your hands and your heart.




This workshop will be held in either English or Swedish, depending on the participants. I speak both and will make sure everyone understands everything! We will of course meet in a smaller group in a big room so that we have all the space that we need ✌🏼

What to expect...


𓅇 We will start off with a guided meditation to connect to our intuition, intention and creative power


𓅇 I will teach you the sacred hand knotting technique which will string the garland of beads, as well as intentions, together in your mala necklace


𓅇 Each participant will receive as much personal help with the technique as needed – we will all leave with a completed necklace!


𓅇 There will be TONS of different crystals, threads, colors and details to choose from! Everything you need to empower you and create your mala beads will be offered


𓅇 To create a mala necklace is to weave your intentions and longings into manifestation – this is a truly magical space & practice!


𓅇 A mala necklace is a sacred tool, and it loves being treated with love & reverence. You will receive a LOVE KIT with guidance for how to use, keep, cleanse and empower your mala necklace.


𓅇 There will be drinks & snacks for you to enjoy!


I have been knotting mala necklaces for many years as well as exploring the healing that this co-creation of heart and hands can bring. My intention is to guide you through this journey of listening + expressing with your hands, and I'll share all my secrets and tricks as well as crystal insights 𓇚


There is no need for previous experience of any kind to attend this workshop – all are welcome!


This workshop is a co-creation with Free Soul of India – a nonprofit organisation that donates both money and resources to women and children in India, supporting them to have their basic needs met. A big part of the proceeds of this workshop will go directly to aid their beautiful work!





June 13th


(17.00 is an approximate finishing time – if possible, allow this to be fluid so that everything is done and completed in a soft pace)




𓉖 Price: 1090 SEK

𓉖 Where? Pranama - The Center of The Great Heart / Ringvägen 126

𓉖 Limited spots! Book your spot, or ask any questions,

by e-mailing me at inga@pranama.yoga


A booking cannot be refunded but you are more then welcome to give your spot to a friend or save your spot for a workshop in the future.


Lovingly welcome into the circle of creation!