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Marie Romani

Marie has always loved MOVEMENT. 


As a child she engaged in everything from handball and football to ballet, but rythm, music and dance always played her strings of passion and pure joy. This lead her to the group training trend in the early 90's, when she as a step and dance aerobics instructor could let that joy and power out. 

In 1998 she so met power yoga, and it was love at the first asana. 


Taking the physical path into yoga, slowly discovering the depth of this magical world, Marie has since then explored different styles of yoga, constantly being a student, always with an open mind and great curiosity. 

She wants to make yoga accessable to all, to allow more people discover the healing effects of yoga and embodiment on their own terms. No one NEEDS to BE anything in her classes, not flexible, not spiritual, not strong (there is a risk you will become it though), all you need is an OPEN MIND and a longing to explore Movement from the inside. 


Maries favorite words are Movement, Grace, Glow, Compassion, and Goddess. 

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