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Matilda Meenakshi Wiborn – yoga teacher

Matilda Meenakshi Wiborn

Matilda Meenakshi is rooted in a deep love for the Earth and all her beings, which reflects in her sharing of yoga. She has been (and is still) studying a broad variety of energy practices such as shamanism, reiki, classical tantra and ayurveda and holds more than 1000h. Her passion is to weave different cultures together and see meeting points rather than fractions.

Her medicine is aimed to guide towards experiencing the non-duality and union in life through movement, breathwork, sound and the magic of every moment. In her classes you will find some storytelling, some sweat drops on your yoga mat and the beautiful uniqueness of your body!


Matilda is also the Studio Manager at Pranama and you will likely meet or speak to her off the mat too as she takes care of our teachers, Karma Warriors and community with grace and love.

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