Matilda Meenakshi Wiborn – yoga teacher

Matilda Meenakshi Wiborn

Matilda Meenakshi teaches Hatha Flow, Melting Yin and Earth Flow with lots of devotion and technical focus. With a past in personal training and water sports, she found yoga seven years ago and instantly felt like ”coming home”. She has a playful yet energetic vibe and lots of love for humans, which makes her sessions heartfelt and warm. 

She is inspired by bhakti, tantra and shamanism and passionate about the meeting between east and west, which also reflects in her sharing of yoga. You will probably find some storytelling about Lord Shiva or Kali Maa, some sweat drops on your yoga mat and the beautiful uniqueness of your body in her classes. Without rules and restrictions made from society! 

Matilda have completed a variety of Teacher Trainings and holds more than 800h. Her passion for a holistic lifestyle and tantrik philosophy keeps guiding her back to learning more and staying curious.

Matilda is also the Studio Manager at Pranama and you will likely meet or speak to her off the mat too as she takes care of our teachers, Karma Warriors and community with grace and love.