Our Pricing Structure

We don’t agree with high thresholds and ideas that are separating many from exploring yoga. Therefore our world-changing and unique price concept makes sure to include, rather than exclude people, to connect, rather than separate, and always collaborate rather than compete.

By being transparent we hope to inspire a more open environment within the yoga and self-development community and to bring people together!


Pay-What-You-Can pricing is a concept close to our heart and the core of our intention to offer high quality yoga for everyone. A high price should not be the indicator of high quality in yoga and we want to enforce that with our actions. 

We offer: 

KULA Yearly Membership | 8900 SEK | READ MORE + PURCHASE

➸ Includes access to all classes, 10% discount on Pranama’s own workshops
and trainings as well as a 10% discount in our Hot, Hip & Holy-shop.



We have a unique & inclusive pricing system, read more about it below!

➸ Includes access to all classes – onsite, outside and online.


SUKHA Monthly ONLINE Membership | 590 SEK | READ MORE + PURCHASE

➸ Includes access to all online classes.


5 Class Pass | 850 SEK | READ MORE + PURCHASE

Valid 3 months from first booking 

➸ Includes access to all classes. 


10 Class Pass | 1290 SEK | READ MORE + PURCHASE

Valid 3 months from first booking 

➸ Includes access to all classes. 


20 Class Pass | 2300 SEK | READ MORE + PURCHASE

Valid 6 months from first booking 

➸ Includes access to all classes.

Intro Card | 290 SEK | READ MORE + PURCHASE

➸ Our popular Intro Week Card where you can practice as much as you wish during a

7 day period. Valid from day of purchase. Only available once for new members.

Single Class | 190 SEK | READ MORE + PURCHASE

➸ Includes access to all classes. 

We have a 3-price-system, where you can pay what you can according to your income. We also do not believe in long commitments as we know life happens, and want to offer flexibility for it.​ By joining or monthly memberships you will be contributing to a community where EVERYONE can come to a high quality yoga class and be a part of this beautiful practice and our loving space.


Our monthly memberships work as a subscription that you can end whenever you like, and freeze for a period of total 30 days in a year. However, to reassure that your yoga practice can continue with an active membership if there would happen to not be any money on your credit/debit card on the day of renewal, we charge an extra monthly payment when you sign up. You will have that as a credit, and use when you stop your subscription.

Community over competition



990 SEK/Month

For those fortunate enough to be able to pay a little more.




890 SEK/Month

For those with a regular income and a wish to stay in the middle



690 SEK/Month

For those who are on sick/parental leave, unemployed, students, etc

Karma and Ananda Monthly Memberships are connected to each other. The number of Karma members will define the price for Ananda members. This means that the price for Ananda members will go down, but also up, depending on how many in the community that choose the Karma Monthly Membership. However, there is a maximum price of 690 SEK for all Ananda members that will be the price if there are no Karma members. In this way we wish to create a community in which all of us support each other.

The more people choose the higher Karma Membership, THE LOWER the Ananda Membership goes. The lowest price is for students, unemployed, people on sick leave, stay at home mamas/papas, senior citizens etc.

Pricing Today

Karma Membership




690 SEK/Month

Pricing Tomorrow







A bit more about the Ananda Monthly Membership

In the beginning of each month the number of Karma members and Ananda members will adjust the new price for the upcoming month.

​If you sign up for an Ananda Monthly Membership you will be charged the full 690 SEK for your first month (+ the required extra month according to our recurring payment terms).  If you sign up on the September 15th your first month will run from September 15th to October 15th. In the beginning of the next month you will see the updated Ananda price, hopefully lower, on our homepage and be entitled to this new price for your next monthly payment period. If you signed up on the September 15th you will be entitled to the updated Ananda price first time for the payment period October 15th to November 15th.


For you to continue to be entitled for the lower price we ask all Ananda members to send us a valid certificate each three month.


Some general  information about

all of our Monthly Memberships

The Monthly Membership can start on any day of the month and do not have a minimum duration (except for one months pre-payment). This means that you could in theory cancel the Monthly Membership the same day you purchase it. In that case the Monthly Membership will last 2 months, both of which you pay for when you start the membership.

On the day of signing up you pay for: 1 month of practice and 1 month’s pre-payment. From then on you pay each month the price of 1 month’s practice on the day of the month that matches the day you signed up. The money is automatically collected using your credit card. The automatic payments will continue until you cancel your Monthly Membership.

For example…

…If you sign up on September 15th, you will pay for 1 month of practice and 1 month’s pre-payment right away. On October 15th, we will collect an automatic payment using your credit card. On November 15th, we will collect another payment and so on.

The pre-payment covers the event where we cannot complete the automatic payment, if for instance your credit card has been closed. If that happens we will send you an email with instructions on how to go to our website and specify a new credit card. If you do not specify a new credit card your prepayment will cover the following month of practice after which your membership will expire.


If you wish to switch from one type of Monthly Membership to another – from Jiva to Karma, or from Karma to Ananda (with a valid certification of course), for whatever reason – send us an e-mail and we will fix that for you without you having to cancel the Monthly Membership.

Pranama – The Center of The Great Heart är en hjärtlig yogastudio belägen i SoFo. Vi finns på Ringvägen 126 på Södermalm i Stockholm med endast 4 minuter gångavstånd till Skanstulls tunnelbana. 


Vi erbjuder klasser i Embodied Yin™ – yinyoga, Authentic Flow, Hatha Flow, Yoga Nidra och många fler. Hos oss hittar du även yogalärarutbildningar i yinyoga – Embodied Yin™ – och Authentic Flow samt workshops, kurser och fördjupningar.


Vår intention är att vara så inkluderande som möjligt vilket bland annat speglar sig i vår unika prismodell och att våra yogaklasser passar alla, oavsett tidigare erfarenhet.