Miriam Hellebring

Miriam is a devoted 800H Advanced certified Jivamukti-teacher and in her classes you will find a combination of a strong asana practice, some techno-beats, singing mantras, a balance of humour and deep talk, sweat and laughter.


“I believe that the yoga mat is not just a place for physical training, but rather a place to meet yourself - it’s a safe place to think, break down and restart. And then hopefully get the tools so you can bring your practice of the mat, into your daily life. Jivamukti has truly changed my life, to the better, and I hope that I can offer just a small piece of that in my classes. I wish to create a space where we can connect - with ourselves, with the beings around us and the earth. To be able to connect - and then make the connections. I love Jivamukti because it’s about activism - we do not practice to get out of this world but to get in to this world. We can all be a part of the change.”