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with Myra Avedon




Winter season is an auspicious time to enhance our own warmth and light

and explore ways of inter-exchanging warmth and light with others.

It is a time to explore more inner and near space.  


Presence, resonance and transmission are elements that underly embodied touch

and movement facilitation. In this immersion we will explore experiential

exercises for refining our ability to resonantly meet others: physically,

energetically and with greater consciousness.


We will also explore themes and practices of centering in ones heart,

connecting to the web of life, and generating healing energy fields

for ourselves and with others. 




Enhancing listening and meeting skills through our senses and perceptions,

initiating different qualities of touch and movement through embodied anatomy, exploring spatial and dimensional relationships. 



Exploring relational themes and taking this into working with loving presence, resonance, and transmission through touch and movement.



Facilitation through touch increasing our awareness of perceiving and

balancing various physical and energetic qualities of touch.



Movement facilitation utilizing physiological and developmental

movement principles for greater ease and flow.



Integration and applications for self practices and working with others; including Shamanistic themes of centering in ones heart, connecting to the web of life and generating healing energy fields.


This immersion is intended for Yoga Practitioners and Teachers, Bodyworkers, Movers and Dancers, and people with Somatic Movement Experience. 




December 4th-8th

9.00-16.00 All days 

Price: 6750 SEK

A booking fee of 2000 SEK is charged when booked. 

The rest will be invoiced by latest 30 days before the training.

Please be aware there are limited spots in this advanced training!




Myra Avedon has been researching, developing and teaching somatic and

transpersonal therapies that enhance human potential for over 35 years.

She works with presence and relational principles in supporting greater

ease and cultivating openness to new possibilities.  


Myra has a Masters Degree in Psychology, with an emphasis in Humanistic and Somatic Therapy, her Bachelor Degree is in Visual Arts. She is certified in Massage Therapy, Somatic Movement Therapy, Osteopathy, and has additional specialized training and experience in working with acute and chronic emotional and physical conditions from a body centered approach. She led the School for Body-Mind Centering® (SBMC/BMC) for 10 years, first in her position as the program’s director, and later as co-educational director with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (founder of BMC). She was the Administrative Dean, and on Faculty at the University for Humanistic Studies, and served on Faculty at Body Mind College, the Stillpoint School of Massage, the School for Integrative Accupressure, and the Institute for Psycho-Stuctural Balancing.


She currently offers international workshops and trainings, such as the Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy Program with Dr. Scott Lyons, and a new series of courses on Touch and Movement Facilitation Workshops in Berlin and Munich with Erik Bendix based on principles from the Alexander Technique and Body-Mind Centering®. She is originally from California and is now based in Prien am Chiemsee, Germany. She can be contacted through e-mail at For more information please go to her website at




Warmest welcome!


Pranama  & Myra

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