Somatic Storytelling

in three parts
with Amanda Tilly

28th of November + 12th of December + 19th of December


ONCE UPON A TIME – Somatic Storytelling 




A series of Authentic Flow explorations with Amanda Tilly. She will guide you through intuitive and embodied movement, that allows your body to tell the story. Holding space for you to explore and express all that you are. What is YOUR authentic expression? 


During these three practices we will travel deeper within, to connect to that which we truly are – an expression of nature. The place where we begin, where we end and the journey in between. 


Amanda invites you into this safe space of exploration, a space where anything goes and where you can be all that you are. Tapping into all the elements of you and mother nature, telling your story through movement. 


What pages are still waiting to be written or re-written?




28/11 – Part 1 – A R R I V E

What is hidden within you and how can you begin to tap into that vast potential? 


By fully arriving into our bodies, we can create enough space for us to shine light upon our feelings and thoughts from the past and of the future. The ones that hold us back from being fully present in the unobstructed ease of the here and now. In this practice we will begin to explore what is hindering you and how you can begin to fully arrive into every moment. 



12/12 – Part 2 – B E C O M E 

If you stop limiting yourself, what can you truly become? In this practice we will begin to explore how we can use our bodies to connect to the world around us, to experience it, to feel it and revel in it. Here you begin to unfold the layers within and awaken to all that you are and always have been.



19/12 – Part 3 – E X I S T

Feel stuck on the hamster wheel of life? Always going somewhere, beginning a new project, one thought merging into the next one. Are you ready to get off it? 


When we are not pushing for or collapsing into the next thing in life – then we can begin to expand the moments in-between, where we simply allow ourselves to be. These are the moments that bring us closer to recognising how truly marvellous and limitless we are. 


In this practice you will begin to explore how you can expand these moments of gap time and recognise that there is more to your story than beginnings and endings, the time that exists in between. 




All parts are held 18.00-20.00


BOOK 1 = 290 SEK

BOOK ALL 3 = 690 SEK




Come as you are – and explore your depths. Warm welcome!



Pranama & Amanda