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A LOVE LETTER to people

Dear human,

In this time of technology our human qualities are many times looked upon as weaknesses. We’re never going to be as fast, or good, at solving mathematical problems or repeating an exact movement tirelessly over again as computers. We are vulnerable and driven my hormones and emotions we fairly understand ourselves. However, we have other abilities that make up our worth. Following up on my last post ‘On the use of resources’, this one is all about us humans as often put in the box of human resources.

I don’t know how many times I stumbled upon organisations and businesses that are run by people, and where people are the main ingredient of the production or service offered, yet the importance of those people making up the core of the organisation is undermined. In one of my previous jobs, the CEO of the service company made a statement in a big newspaper saying the company’s biggest asset was its fabulous software (and this was not an IT company). As an employee whose task was made up of very human skills like making connections to other people, team work and creating trust with clients based on my experience, that was a huge disappointment. And I wasn’t the only one to feel that way. And obviously I’m not working there anymore.

So many big corporations talk about the value of community while run by people who honestly don’t give a shit about the wellbeing of their “community” as long as they continue to be local to their product or service. Then there are companies who do. Quoting sir Richard Branson “Success in business is all about people, people and people. Whatever industry your business is in, its employees are its most competitive advantage.” I couldn’t agree more. No matter how good your product is, if the person, most likely human, who is selling it cannot understand the need of the client, or worse doesn’t care, there is no sales.

Maybe with the development of AI we can share new kinds of connections with technology. But for now, we’re not there, and even then, the connections we are able to make as human beings – seeing and recognizing ourselves in each other, appreciating our strengths as well as vulnerabilities that are part of us being creative, finding solutions, evolving – are priceless.

Therefore, I want to state my endless appreciation to everyone who is part of Pranama. Pranama is not made of the walls of the building, or the nice props or mats, or a soothing cup of tea in the cold winter - it’s made of people and the community it serves.

To all the teachers who have ever shared their knowledge, experiences and holding the space for others to grow, to all the beautiful karma yogis who share their time and smiles, and to all the courageous students who create the space together – you are priceless.

We love you!



Co-founder of Pranama

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