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Hey, nice to have you back!

I am in a new city. The air is thick and warm. Every now and then the slight breeze, makes the smoke rising from the nearby courtyard to change direction and dance in the air in between the concrete walls of the city. A sensation of sweat forming as small drops on my skin makes me uncomfortable. How easy it is to forget how the sensation of wet snow on my skin made me shiver not long ago.

Change of scenery is good. It helps us put things in perspective and takes us out of our usual patterns where we so easily get stuck. But what does change of scenery really mean – travelling to the other side of the world?

Travelling before the time of constant internet access was very different. I could get nostalgic about the different kind of adventure that was offered when your only guide was an actual printed book, but I’m not going to, as staying connected makes everything so much easier. However, it takes a lot more effort to get the positive effect of changing scenery because staying connected to everything familiar all the time, doesn’t really support the space needed for new patterns and ideas to shape. And we’re easily losing those real physical connections of asking for help by a person on the street or just that friendly chat at breakfast when you haven’t done all the research by yourself in the all-knowing-cloud.

So, during the holidays I’m going to go offline to create more space for other explorations. And I’m inviting you to join me. Challenging – yes! But so worth it. And when you’re back let me know what happened! Maybe that’s enough change of scenery to allow all those new seeds to be planted so that they can grow into real things next year.

We’re still posting on our Insta at @pranama_community if your abstinence gets too strong. And I can just drop by the local bar where a guy named IT is serving cold drinks, haha true story.

I wish you all Happy Holidays, with new connections, and a New Year full of new beginnings!

This new city makes me already miss everyone at Pranama. But knowing it will be there when I, as well as you, return makes me warm inside. So that the exploration can continue…

Love and light,


Co-founder of Pranama

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