Welcome to a series of 4 longer sessions where

we explore the theme of Radical Self-Care


How can we care for ourselves, make ourselves sustainable

and fill up the well from the inside out?

And how can we care for ourselves, make our own lifes juicier, more fun and pleasureable and at the same contribute to the whole, to the community and to our world?

That’s where the Radical comes in, because it starts with us, but it can’t end with us.

We all need to contribute in our own unique ways. But, what if that contribution can be joyful, exciting and enjoyable. What if work and pleasure can come together.


This is what we are going to explore.

How we can fill up our own wells, BODY, MIND, SPIRIT

and then share our gifts with the world, COMMUNITY.


We will start with the foundation, our vessel and

temple of the soul, the BODY. When we take care of our bodies

and give them what they need we find ourselves with more energy,

more ease and more joy. But, surely there is room

for all emotions and we will dive deep.

The next session will focus on the MIND.

How can we utilize our beautiful mind in our favour and

make it our servant instead of the other way around.

And then SPIRIT. Connecting to something greater

than us that can hold us in times of despair, hopelessness

and sorrow. Be it universe, mother earth, god, goddess or

something else, that’s your choice. Feeling this connection

makes us more resilient and able to bounce back from challenges.

The last session is all about integration.

Bringing everything (body, mind, spirit) together,

meeting in COMMUNITY and celebrate.

There is so much healing to be found in community.

When we share things, support and witness each

other life feels easier and more enjoyable.

We will explore all this through movement, stillness, breath,

meditation, dance, relaxation, play, creativity and so much more.




25th of January
Part 1 – B O D Y

8th of February
Part 2 – M I N D

22nd of February
Part 3 – S P I R I T

21st of March
Part 4 – C O M M U N I T Y

Your investment: 990 SEK

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Spots are limited!

For a drop-in spot to a session – please

e-mail us to hello@pranama.yoga


WELCOME exactly as you are!

Pranama & Helen