”To remembering”


How we forget.

That what we believe is broken, shameful and ugly is what makes us beautiful.


How we forget.

That our insecurities is the place where other people can see us, for real.


How we forget.

That being vulnerable is a way to connect, deeper.


How we forget.

That nothing with us needs fixing.


How we forget.

That we are lovable, right now, in this very moment.


How we forget.

That we are in this together.




A virtual refuge in uncertain times


Self-care is not always what we might think it is. it's not always taking a bath, eating some chocolate or booking ourselves a massage. it can be those things, but the times we live in invite us to look deeper, to strip things down to the core and to meet what's underneath the surface. 


Can we self-soothe, can we hold ourselves, and each other, in times of uncertainty and not-knowing? Can we be with what is, fear, worry, frustration and restlessness and feel that without succumbing to it? Can we use movement as a way to let go of accumulated tension and to spin us out of the worst-case scenarios that we get stuck in from time to time? Can meditation and stillness become an anchor, a safe place inside? Can we hold ourselves so that we can hold each other and the world we live in?


This is what we will practice and explore during this retreat, this temporary refuge. Moving beyond ideas of perfection and ”shoulds” and ”have to's”. It has never been more obvious that we are in this together and we will create a safe space together where all of you, and all of me, is welcome. A space where you are invited to pause, rest, refuel and restore. Whatever you may need. 


We welcome you with all our hearts!




Saturday, 25.4

10.00-12.00 + 14.00-16.00

Lunch break: 12.00-14.00

Price: 290 SEK

Book your spot here!

Bring a journal and a pen, your most comfortable

clothes and your beautiful self.


This retreat will be held online – when you book your spot, you'll
receive a link through which to  join this gathering.



About your facilitator: H E L E N   L A R S S O N

Helen's first encounter with yoga was a total kick-start at a silent

meditation retreat in Thailand 25 years ago and since then she has continued

studying and practising. During the years she has tried out many different

styles and traditions. She has completed several teacher trainings and since

curiosity is one of her main characteristics she continues exploring. Helen has

also studied Trauma Sensitive Yoga and trained as a sound healer. She always

brings her singing bowls, and sometimes gong and drum,

for you to enjoy during savasana.


For many years Helen has explored what it means to live and move

in this world in a woman’s body. She has immersed herself in many

different things and studied with teachers from all over the world. What

Helen wants to offer you in the sessions is a space where you can

feel free to be fully you, where nothing needs changing and where

Joy, Curiosity, Playfulness and Community are the guiding lights.




Warmest welcome!


Pranama & Helen