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Jai Maa!


Come sister! It's time to let the dark divine feminine through our own earthly beings.


Throughout generations upon generations, women have been told to sit back, understand, talk softly, be “ladylike” and so on. The list goes long as the shackles of pressure, control and expectations tightens around the feminine, but it is time for release.


The world is changing and if we truly want to be free we need to let all sides of our human selves through and feel all the feels.




This workshop is inspired by our own experience of staying silent and restricted for too long. Of shadow work, conflict, rising above and going below. Of the power of Shakti and the juiciness of being a woman in all her colours.

We now invite you to create a safe and fierce container of sisterhood in which we can release and transcend all that is needed after all those milleniums of silence. We are not only doing the work for ourselves, but for all women worldwide and time wide that has been oppressed and oppressing themselves.


The evening will include several different elements such as mantra, breathwork, sound, open satsang and movements.





Be a bad girl

Talk shit

Scream it out

Make the earth tremble

Let the fire burn freely in your chest


…And together we'll cultivate rage and injustice into self love, love for the world, sensuality and creativity through feeling (and possibly sharing) whatever needs to be addressed.


Wear red or yellow, comfortable clothes and bring notebook, a flower and water bottle.


Together we rise!




Friday, 14th of January


Investment: 450 SEK


* Please note that deposit and bookings are non-refundable but you can always pass on your spot to another.



Much love,

Matilda, Alberta and Pranama Community

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