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Satu Tuomela

Satu Tuomela (ERYT500, Reiki master, Embodied Flow™ and Yin yoga facilitator) is one of the most influential and respected teachers in Scandinavia and has a big and loving Kula around the world. 


Satu has been teaching for over 15 years and is known for her very unique and authentic transmission. Borrowing the words of one of her students:

"Satu's classes leave you with 'what the hell just happened?' Its beyond yoga, its a LIFE a LOVE a REALIZATION class"

Satu has a background in dancing (ballet) and basketball. She fell in love with yoga in her teens and started teaching almost immediately.


In 2013 Satu founded the first ever Pay What You Can-studio (in the world) – Pranama – with a couple of other teacher friends in Helsinki. It is a collective of yoga teachers dedicated to giving back and to offering Yoga for all. Now the story continues in Stockholm! And soon enough in other places too. 

Satu is all about sharing and transparency in everything. Her intention is to change the culture of yoga studios into yoga COMMUNITIES in the world.

Satu's main teachers are Tara Judelle, Scott Lyons and Sally Kempton.


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