Self Love Sister Circle
with Helen Light

9th of November, 14.00-17.30

Sacred Women’s Circle ♥ Embodied Yin ♥ Self Love Practices


Self Care is what you do for yourself.

Self Love is how much of that you receive.


As we enter the dark season of the year, it is more important than ever that we remember how to nurture ourselves and establish self-caring AND self-loving rituals and relationships.


What Helen has found, after facilitating women circles for three years, is that many women struggle to receive, fully and to honor our own needs.


To allow ourselves to be seen and supported, exactly as we are

and not compare our journey with anyone else’s. 

To stand in our own sacred sovereignty and own every step on our path. 

To Embrace, Express and Embody who we truly are.


During this beautiful afternoon session you will be guided inwards to connect with your deeper needs and desires, with what is ready to be released and what wants to be remembered and reclaimed.



The session will include:


♥ Grounding meditation and embodied presence –

to arrive fully in the individual and collective body-mind 

♥ Embodied Yin Yoga – to deepen into relaxation

and receive a felt sense of flow and trust

♥ Connection with sisters – to practice

holding supporting space for each other 

♥ Sacred sharing circle – to bring forth the medicine

and give voice to our collective stories and shared experiences  

♥ Journaling and self reflection – to find the

truth and distill the unique wisdom within 

♥ Intuitive movement and flow – to integrate

and celebrate your perfect being and belonging 

♥ Tips & tools – for inspiration and guidance on

how you can take care of your body, mind and soul

♥ Tea and snacks – to keep us nourished and happy.



Circle may be held in Swedish or English depending on participants. 


Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal + anything else that you need. 

Short break with tea and snacks is included 



Saturday, 9.11




390 SEK

Spots are limited!


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact

Helen at



About Helen Light


Helen is a Women Circles Facilitator & Embodied Yoga Teacher. She is a

lighthouse in the midst of the storm we face as humanity. Grounded in loving

service and utter compassion, she holds space for women’s collective healing

and homecoming by bringing intimate connection and the medicine of

authenticity into her encounters, classes and circles.


She has been creating and facilitating women circles since 2016 and yoga classes at Pranama since 2018. She is committed to bringing forth a new paradigm of embodied women’s leadership and hope for humanity.



Warm welcome!



Pranama & Helen