with Matilda Meenakshi




The drum is calling us to gather in circle and remember the strength of community!


New times are rising and as old paradigms are falling, so does the patriarch as we´ve known it. This is for the benefits of all beings – both women and men. We are the ones standing in the frontline of change as we together shake off old, limiting patterns.


The sisterhood is strong now, maybe stronger than ever. We leave competition behind and inviting co-operation and support. In the presence of each other we have a safe space to heal the wounds we held for way too long.


Come join and contribute in this safe container to release shame, guilt and fear, allow anger, grief, joy and all in between to take place, cultivate the relationship to your body and above all - connect to your inherent power!




The structure will be organic and in a co-creative spirit with elements like:


- Heart and Womb healing

- Medicine songs and chanting

- Journaling

- Goddess Ritual

- Womb connection

- Primal screaming

- Yoni breathing

- Conscious movement

- Self empowerment




Saturday, 28th of March


Investment: 350 SEK

Book your spot:




What to bring:


- Drum, rattle or other instrument if you have one

- Notebook and pen

- Water bottle

- A flower for the altar




When women gather in a circle – magick happens.


Warmly welcome!

Pranama & Matilda Meenakshi