We are woven into the web of life, in dynamic relationship with the world that surrounds us and with all that lies inside of us. How can we draw on these webs of interconnection to sustain us through turbulent times and keep us in resilient health? The weave of relationship within our bodies affects how we relate to others and to our environment. Together we hope to discover new ways to align with these connections to find greater energy and ease.


This online workshop series explores our inner resilience by deepening our connections to our cells, tissues and body systems. We will offer new ways to listen to them and new opportunities to let them speak. 


Each month of this series has a new theme. You may sign up for one monthly theme at a time, or for the full series at a reduced price.


Whether you are a health professional seeking to expand your work, or a person interested in embodied experiences – you have a place in our circle.

All are welcome to join our journey of exploration!



The workshops will run over 2 Sundays per month for 2 hours

from 16.00-18.00 CET (Stockholm, Paris, Berlin)

7.00-9.00 a.m. PST (San Fransisco)

10.00-12.00 a.m. ET (New York)

Check your time zone here!



Each month/workshop – 750 SEK (≈ 75€ / $92) 

People taking a month course will be able to view their recorded classes for a period of one month following the class.


(Please note that the estimated prices in € and $ are

subject to change depending on the exchange rates)



Skin Workshop, June 6th & 13th



People taking a month course will be able to view their recorded classes for a period of one month following the class. People taking the full series will be able to view all the recorded classes during the full 5-month period and for one month following the last class.

This online series is offered to you by the 
Embodied Arts Academy and Pranama in Stockholm



Skin – Resilient Health in Times of Chan

Our Skin

 June 6th & 13th, 16.00-18.00 CET,  750 SEK

Our skin faces out to touch our world and faces in to enfold us in ourselves. It is our boundary and our comfort, the place where we touch and are touched and the threshold where we come to know where we are. 


How much are we at home in our own skins? 

How can we build trust through touch and learn to open our hands toward the inner movements that show us evidence of healing? 

Can we let touch in, even when it is far away?


Skin’s interface between what is inside and outside us is mirrored in both breathing and digestion, where air and food from outside is taken into cavities within. All three interfaces between what is inside and outside are central to our immunity and resilience. Skin also breathes and sheds outward while still holding our sea of inner fluid contained. It is a mother mantle that carries memories of how we lived in fluid before birth. The gentle pliability of our skin now clarifies our outer boundary of self. It is both soft and strong.

About your facilitators

Myra Avedon

Myra been researching, developing and teaching somatic and transpersonal therapies that enhance human potential for 40 years. She is currently developing the Embodied Arts Academy with Kerstina Tresselt which is co-sponsoring this Resilient Health Series. She is a co-founding member of the new She Oak Women’s Collective; co-founded and lead the Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy Program with Dr. Scott Lyons, and served as Co-Director of the School for Body-Mind Centering® with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen for 10 years, prior to this she served as Administrative Dean and Faculty at the University for Humanistic Studies. 


Myra has a Masters Degree in Humanistic and Somatic Psychology and a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts. She is certified in Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Somatic Movement Therapy and as a teacher and practitioner of Body-Mind Centering®. She also has specialized training and experience in somatic therapies and working with acute and chronic emotional and physical conditions including: stress reduction, trauma work, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and postural re-education. 

Erik Bendix

Erik Bendix is an AmSAT-certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and a certified practitioner and teacher of Body-Mind Centering®. He studied BMC® with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Myra Avedon and at SOMA in France, and trained in the Alexander Technique with Frank Ottiwell, with Joan and Alex Murray, and with Walter Carrington. 


He has taught on training courses in both disciplines, represented both at conferences around the world and developed his own explorations of alpine skiing, scoliosis and embodied poetry. He translates from German, and is well known for teaching folk dance traditions internationally since the 1970s. 

Resilient Health in Times of Change – An

In this series we will explore inner resilience and health by deepening our connection to our physical form and functions, and by exploring new ways of listening and communicating within and around us through guided embodiment practices. Please join us from wherever you are!


If you have any questions regarding this offering – please don't hesitate

to reach out to us at hello@pranama.yoga


Warmly welcome,

Pranama, Myra & Erik