The body always tells the story of now,
can you hear it?


In this explorative class we will dive into every corner of the body to find presence, embodying the body's mind and emotions, physiology and anatomy through meditation, asana, free movement and yummy restoration.


Our thinking mind is made to be distracted, to anticipate and always be on the lookout for danger, but our bodies are always in the NOW. Your skin constantly reading the surroundings, your bones carrying you, muscles moving you, fluids moving inside you, your organs adjusting to your needs, your breath connnecting all of these pieces together.

By acknowledging all these systems of the body we can find true presence and an authentic expression of ourselves.

So join me in this exploration of the body and you might discover that everything you need already is within you!


11th of January
Price: 290 SEK


About Emelie

Emelie teaches Authentic Flow and Embodied Spiritual Warrior at Pranama, and as a lover of the body, she often brings anatomy and physiology into her classes, enhancing the body’s own awareness from within.

Her first encounter with embodiment was whilst partaking in Satu Tuomela’s 200H Embodied Flow teacher training, and since then practicing and teaching yoga and embodiment has become her way of collecting herself as she puts the pieces of her life together. Emelie uses her classes to integrate knowledge and share valuable experience from her current physiotherapy studies. She is also a massage therapist.

Emelies believes in finding your own authentic expression:
”I’m not here to give you answers, but tools on your journey to find them”.


Warm welcome!

Pranama & Emelie