"The best and most efficient pharmacy

is within your own system." 




Are you ready to take things to the next level?

Are you ready for more energy? More cleansing?

More flow and more magic in your life?

Are you ready for a MAJOR shift?



Reiki 1 cleanses and strengthens the physical and the etherical body (1st layer of the aura), and of course allows us to give hands on Reiki to anyone or anything we can lay our hands on: ourselves, others, animals, plants, seeds, food, water, medicine etc.


Reiki 2 deepens this process, and also cleanses and strengthens the 2nd and 3rd layers of the aura (emotional and mental bodies), thus helping us release our limiting beliefs and patterns. On a practical level it allows us to send Reiki to anything that cannot be touched. That means sending Reiki to someone, something or someplace that is not physically present where we are, or to something abstract like a situation, an event, a relationship / love life, our professional life, our spiritual growth, our financial health / abundance etc.


With Reiki 2 comes a lot more connection to spirituality, to the universe, to the flow, and we are often flooded with synchronicities confirming that the universe has our back. Reiki 2 opens a path to a whole new way of life.


We have very limited spots! Is one of them yours?




⚠️ You should have received Reiki 1 more than 3 months ago,

and feel that the time is right for you, as the process between

both levels is very personal and should be addressed as such.


If you haven’t taken Reiki 1 with Julia, contact us anyway

and we will discuss the details together –


We will send COVID safety measures before the course, or feel free to request them before you sign up. You can find more information about Reiki natural healing on Julias site –




More about Reiki 


Reiki is a natural healing approved as a healthcare method by Skatteverket, and can be learned by all. During the training you will learn to transmit energy through your hands, to yourself, your family and friends, to animals & plants, food and other important things around you.


Reiki treatments help to diminish stress, by promoting relaxation. They support the immune system, by promoting the body's own ability to heal itself. They work on dissolving energy blockages, thus contributing to healing emotional traumas.




About the training weekend


Attending a Reiki course as part of a group is very exciting because there is a lot of experience sharing and more practice, as well as potential new magical friends – it's a very special moment to share! Attunements are done privately and individually even during group trainings.


The first day, Julia will share some incredible distance Reiki stories of her own and you will discuss the ethics and spiritual side of Reiki II. You will learn what you can send Reiki to, how to phrase it in the best possible way, and the exact technique to do so. Julia will perform the energy attunement and teach you the three Reiki symbols that are necessary to use this fantastic ability. Then you will practice sending Reiki all together to a specific situation in your life or to yourself. Be prepared for some pure magic ✨


The second day will be possible to attend through Zoom but it remains mandatory. You will get support and guidance regarding whatever will have happened during the previous month, due to the new energy settling in. You will get to share your Reiki sending experience and ask the questions that may have arisen during that time. You will go over the Reiki symbols again and practice some more. At the end of the second day you will get a diploma attesting that you have received the Level 2 of Reiki Usui from Julia (you will receive it by post or pick it up at Pranama if you attend on Zoom).


Afterwards you will stay in contact and Julia will be available for any questions. You can always come back to an ulterior course to refresh your memories! (Provided there is an available spot)




Monday 25th of May



Tuesday 22nd of June




4500 SEK






The payment needs to be done to book a spot. The training will be in English.

Feel free to contact Julia at or Pranama at if you have any questions





Pranama & Julia