Yoga Massage with Sebastian

Yoga Massage is a 75 minute long, full body, deep tissue massage with adapted streches and deep breathing, always finished with a calming head- and facemassage. Through the massage I warm up your body and sense into where there is tension and how we can stretch it out. The streches are done in the clients own tempo and a stop-teqnique is used, so that the client themselves can feel their limits and get an understanding of how their body works and can adapt. With deep breathing you will get deeper into the strech and it will get integrated with you. Sebastian uses oils (usually sesame) and towels and you can come prepared as you would for a classical massage.


Yoga Massage can help you get rid of pains and tensious, but also guide you into a deeper breathing, a boosted immune system, better sleep, better blood circulation and circulation of the lymfatic system. You will get a deeper contact with your body and mind – this time is for you.


Almost anyone can receive Yoga Massage, you don't have to be a yogi, although it can be helpful. If you have any recent injuries or feel uncertain about receiving a treatment, you are very welcome to write to Sebastian to find out how the treatment can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Booking & Prices

Book your treatment or ask any questions by writing Sebastian at


  • Your first treatment in June/July: 600 SEK

  • Full price/treatment: 800 SEK

  • Two treatments booked at once: 1400 SEK

Payed through Swish/Cash upon arrival.

Reminder: allow at least 1 hour after a bigger meal before treatment

About Sebastian

Sebastian has always been a physical creature and started massaging friends and family even before he was in pre-school. He used to practice modern dance during school and college and started practicing yoga when he was only fifteen. Movement and touch are his main languages and it is through them that he finds deeper meaning.


In the autumn of 2018 he finished his education in Yoga Massage at Axelssons Gymnastiska Institut. Since then he has been massaging as much as possible and is enjoying it immensely. He is also working as a personal assistant with people who have neurological diseases, whom he also gives treatments adapted to their needs.