Here is how you can support us

These are trying times for many of us and our hearts and actions go
out to everyone in our community and beyond who are struggling.

We are here to serve you with all we have, every day.

But, we are struggling too – and without your help

and support Pranama will not be able to survive.

If you've ever benifitted from anything shared in our shalas,

from our teachers, by our community – we are lovingly asking

you to consider supporting us. This is how it can be done...

➵ If you have a Monthly Membership – keep it if you can.

If you ever considered getting one – this is the time to do it.

Purchase all of our Monthly Memberships here.

➵ Buy a YEARLY Membership for only 6900 SEK.

This is a special offering only for now, only for you. It's a catch!

Purchase our Kula Love Yearly Membership here.

➵ Buy a 5, 10 or 20 Class Pass to use with the live-classes now

(2 classes/credit), or in the future when we re-open again.

Purchase all our Class Passes here.

➵ Buy a Gift Card of any amount for a loved one!

It will be sent to you digitally with a personalized message/picture.

E-mail us and we will set it up for you!

➵ Invest in our future trainings, workshops & immersions!

This is a big one as the above are such a huge part of Pranama. 

Find all of our Virtual + In person offerings here.

➵ Invest in our virtual trainings, workshops & immersions which will be popping up on our site soon.

In the midst of it all, we've come to love teaching virtually, and will continue to do so.

Find all of our Virtual + In person offerings here.

➵ Donate through Swish or PayPal

Anything, anytime. Every penny truly counts.

Our Swish-number is 1235046495

➵ Hire us to teach yoga/meditation to you & your co-workers virtually while

you work from home. Keep yourself and each other connected

through breath and movement.

Reach out to Inga to set it up here.

➵ And last but NOT least – please spread the word about us, share our posts,

join our online classes and let others now we are here for the benifit of us all!

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