Wholistic Infant Development Weekend

with Kerstina Tresselt




Developmental Movement in the first year of life and it's latter

implications for overall health and wellbeing


This weekend workshop provides a protected and playful place for us as adults to

explore early developmental movement. We dive into the very early patterns of movement which babies go through in utero, during birth and in the first year of life.

We dive out and – maybe with some ease and grace – are able to integrate a deepened and enlarged spectrum of movement and flow in our daily life. 


Especially in the first year of life our learning strategies are patterned, our behavioral patterns established and our emotional reactions are ingrained. This is initiated trough our innate movement repertoire and the quality of presence, touch and care of those close to us. Sometimes we get stuck in a movement and behavioral pattern, sometimes we are so fast that we are even leaving out some milestones of developmental movement and it´s physical and emotional implications. Through the knowledge of the subsequent developmental movement patterns, which already start at conception, we are setting impulses in a non-invasive and playful way to initiate new, subsequent movement patterns or to experience deeper, underlying movement patterns. 


A lot of modern challenges we are faced with in our lifes can be traced back to

these innate early developmental movement patterns – as one thread of understanding and one possible way of change: Problems with concentrating, learning difficulties

like dyslexia or “no spacial orientation”, behavioral issues like shyness or anger as a symptom of stress, physical problems like back pain or psychosomatic challenges like eating disorders etc. From experience I can say, that it is often satisfying for adults

to rediscover our innate movement plan and to integrate movements, the

emotions and inner processes that this exploration evokes. 


This workshop is for anyone interested in this theme, may it be people practicing yoga, dance, meditation, healing arts, sports, all kind of movement education and therapy, perspective parents, grandparents, caregivers and everybody who likes to deepen their connection to self, others and the world. 



About Kerstina:


Kerstina Tresselt, born 1964, studied at the University of Munich (M.A. in German

as a foreign language, Spanish and Pedagogy) with decades of experience in

pedagogy and body-oriented therapies: Cranial and Visceral Osteopathy

(certified by Osteopathie Gesellschaft Deutschland) , Body-Mind Centering®

(certified Praciticioner and certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator

by the School for Body Mind Centering), trainings in Parietal Osteopathy,

Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Continuum Movement. 


I am a Somatic movement therapist, Infant developmental movement educator

and therapist, “Safe Mentor ® for parents” trained by Prof. Brisch

and a grief counselor trained by M.I.T.  


I am working as a licensed “Heilpraktikerin” in Germany and have a private practice together with Myra Avedon in Germany and teach internationally. 




Warm welcome!



Pranama & Kerstina