Sisters, we are calling YOU 𓁿 into this Women’s Circle to move deeper into darkness, the darkness within each of us and the time of darkness of long winters. Darkness has aspects of chaos, dancing with the shadow, of creative possibility, fertility, of slowing down, bringing order into life, of recovering, resting, healing and of course: The Unknown. 


Yes, we will experience the light returning at Winter Solstice, but at the same time we know that a long period of darkness and cold still awaits us. We also know that we are needing a strong base to nourish and warm our self and possibly others during this time. This is a good time for each of us to re-experience each our own relationship to source, to the cycle of life and our own inner light.  


This is a ceremony honoring darkness and the light within it, reconnecting to source and the seasons through the Great Goddess with her many faces and in her cycles. Whether each of us finds herself in the maiden, or the bearer of life in any form, or the crone, or in all at once – in the circle of woman we are able to reconnect to the dream of life and that each of us is part of the dream of life on planet earth.   


We will dance, we will be still – we may find ways to relate to the darkness anew. During the ceremony, we are invited to drop into the darkness and to connect to our own inner light, following the glimpses of moving towards what is showing up – so that we may find pathways to attend to self as well to others and the world.  




Kerstina will be bringing in parts of her own work as well as BodyMindCentering and Continuum Movement together with Shamanic Practice. She comes from a shamanistic approach in the lineage of her friend and teacher Elke Arun Frank to support the dream of a fulfilling life in each of us, emphasizing the connection to “those who stand behind us”,  orienting the self through this support and acting in the world from there.  


Some of our tools depending

on the Spirit of the group may be: 

𓄶 Dance 

𓄶 Meditation

𓄶 Trance through HulaHooping and Shamanic Trance Posture

𓄶 Chakra Work

𓄶 Somatic Moving & Sensing ( alone, with a partner within the group)

𓄶 Journaling in Writing & Drawing

𓄶 Authentic Movement

𓄶 Vocalization in Singing & Sounding 


What to bring: 

𓄶 A cloth/scarf – large enough to cover your body

in the colors either grey, dark-brown, black 

𓄶 Something as an offering for Darkness  

𓄶 A little something yummy and special for you to share and eat

𓄶 A journal




Friday, 6th of December


Price: 390 SEK




About Kerstina


Kerstina Tresselt, born 1964, studied at the University of Munich (M.A. in German as a foreign language, Spanish and Pedagogy) with decades of experience in pedagogy and body-oriented therapies: Cranial and Visceral Osteopathy (certified by Osteopathie Gesellschaft Deutschland) , Body-Mind Centering® (certified Praciticioner and certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator by the School for Body Mind Centering), trainings in Parietal Osteopathy, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Continuum Movement.  


Kerstina is a Somatic movement therapist, Infant developmental movement educator and therapist, “Safe Mentor ® for parents” trained by Prof. Brisch and a grief counselor trained by M.I.T.  


She is working as a licensed “Heilpraktikerin” in Germany, has a private practice together with Myra Avedon in Germany and teaches internationally.




Warmest welcome to the circle!



Pranama & Kerstina